Canadian Celebrities that are Owners, GM’s, and Coaches of CFL Teams

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Let’s have fun with this. I came up with this concept a couple of days ago. I chose primarily Canadian Actors and Actresses that are from the region and or city. They are now Owners, GM’s or Coaches. Most are born in the city or region, and or grew up somewhere else. (I.E. Michael J. Fox, born in Edmonton, raised in Vancouver). Mix and match it you like. I went part realistic, but also went more for comedy.


Owner: Michael Buble and Pamela Anderson (Actor and Actress)
GM: Seth Rogan (Actor)
Coach: Ryan Reynolds (Actor)


Owner: Bret Hart (Wrestler)
GM: Mark Rypien (Ex NFL QB)
Coach: Paul Gross (Actor)


Owner: Michael J. Fox and Tommy Chong (Actors)
GM: Leslie Nielson (Actor)
Coach: Bruce McCulloch (Actor)


Owner: John Vernon (Actor)
GM: Brett Butt (Actor)
Coach: Kim Coates (Actor)


Owner: Beth Torbert aka Bif Naked (Singer)
GM: Terry Jacks (Singer)
Coach: Guy Madden (Director)


Owner: Mathew Perry (Actor)
GM: Dan Akroyd (Actor)
Coach: Tom Green (Actor)


Owner: Ivan Reitman (Producer, and Director)
GM: Eugene Levy (Actor)
Coach: Dave Thomas (Actor)


Owner: John Candy (Toronto misses you)
GM: Mike Myers (Actor)
Coach: Rick Moranis (Actor)


Owner: Dino Bravo aka Adolfo Bresciano (Wrestler)
GM: Leonard Cohen (Singer)
Coach: Roy Dupuis (Actor)

MontrealOwner: Dino Bravo aka Adolfo Bresciano (Wrestler)GM: Leonard Cohen (Singer)Coach: Roy Dupuis (Actor)

Dino Bravo is dead too. Make it Jacques Rougeau instead

Team chant can be 'We are the mounties!'

Lots of fun ILF .

Have to agree some are dead probably plenty of living one's you could list . Not sure they are CFL fans though .

Not having Martin Short in Hamilton is sacrilege .

He is the one Canadian celebrity who constantly for years speaks about the CFL on TV interviews and hosts Grey Cup parties in LA .

Actually attends games in person as well .

I would get rid of NFL Rypien he is not really part of the celebrity culture of the others more just another pro player who had some success plus he was born here but was raised in the United States .

William Shatner as owner, with Jacques as Coach.

William can then say to Leanord and Jacques in his Captain Kirk voice,

You must, push them, harder.

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Burton Cummings as WPG owner.

Hello Everyone,

I was struggling to pick some from Calgary. I picked Rypien as something to add on.

I do agree I should have put Martin Short in for Hamilton. I picked Dave Thomas for Hamilton even though he is from St. Catherine's, Ontario. It's close enough for both Hamilton and Toronto.

Jacque Rougeau would be a good pick for Montreal along with William Shatner.

Along with Burton Cummings for Winnipeg, you can also go with Randy Bachman. Both Winnipeg born boys.

John Vernon, Dino Bravo, John Candy, Leslie Neilson, and Leonard Cohen have all passed unfortunately. I wanted to pay homage to some of them.

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