Canadian Bowl 2023

A bit early for discussion of the CJFL championshop game, but a date has been set (Nov. 11). Location yet to be determined. The PFC hosted this year, so I'm guessing it'll be BC or Ontario next.

We'll have to wait for the CFL schedule release to see if it's possible to pair the two events, but I suspect not.

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It was in Ontario in 2021, the Prairies this year so, based on rotation, it should be in BC unless BCFC is able to swap with Ontario to host in 2024.

I believe the Grey Cup could be scheduled for November 19th.

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I heard it was on the 26th (Grey Cup). How dare you want the Grey Cup to be in the mid stages of November? :rofl:

I'm not sure if they always rotate like that (even though that would make sense). Maybe BC and Ontario will swap, seeing as how the Grey Cup is in Hamilton in 2023 and Vancouver in 2024.

But yeah, I think you're probably right that the Grey Cup will be a week later. Even so, it might not be a bad idea to host it the week before the Grey Cup. It could add a sprinkle of extra attention/pageantry.

I am sorry, went against my own wishes :joy::slightly_smiling_face:

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It may help put the spotlight on Junior Football.

Need to have the game on TV though although I wouldn't want to be on nation wide tv making a "bad" call.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:

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Get a radio deal. No one will know.

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You mean no can listen :joy:

The CJFL streams their games for a fee. It'd be nice at the very least to have the CFL or Grey Cup hosts sponsor and promote a free stream.