Canadian Arena Football?

If there's one thing we have a lot of in this country, it's hockey arenas.... I think we should put them to good use & start a Canadian Arena Football League! What do you think?

Be glad you don't have an Arena Football League haha

Disagree, I'd love for my city of Hamilton to have an arena league team, I like watching it to be honest.

It's the type of game that could thrive in Canada. We have thousands of arenas that only get heavy use in the winter. The facility cost would be lower than traditional football because they are pre-existing & are shared by hockey (& some basketball) teams. Smaller cities could support them because the venues are smaller & could be sold out easier. Plus I think that 3 downs is more suitable for arena ball than 4 downs. Arena football is an exciting game that could really do well here & we could Canadianize the crap out of it. I'd have seasons tickets if it came to my town!

:twisted: SatanTroll

I agree, that this would be successful in Canada. I've always thought that 4 downs for 10 yards in the Arena League was too much, or that they should make the 1st down 15 yes 3 down football for Arena League will make the game more exciting! More kicks off the net, and chaotic plays.

Would also be good for Canada, because it will bridge the gap for football fans through the cold dark winters. Also, like in the US, smaller towns could easily sell out their smaller arenas; there could be an AFL, and an AF2, just like in the US, but I think there would be even more interest in Canada, because there are not so many competing sports trying to grab the market.

Also, this could create more of a farm system for the CFL, and perhaps be a catalyst to finally help expand the CFL to at least 10 teams.

Yep... It's like you're reading my mind. Freaky.

Hell, Dog River could have a team!

I have telling this to my buddies for years.
The best name I could come up with was . . . are you ready?

Canadian Hockey Rink Football!

. . . Or Canadian Football: Arena League. CFAL

. . . well, the name isn't important! The rules are what's important.

1) I have always proposed a five down system.
That is, there would be no first downs. Just five downs to move the ball.

2) Also, The field goal system would be a hole instead of a gap between two posts.

3) This one is very important!! The boards are not out of bounds because that is stupid.
Instead the boards are in play. What is the point of playing football in a hockey rink if you can just run out of bounds?

  1. Keep in the ice in, and play on skates. :cowboy:

Wasn't the CFL going to start an arena league of about 6 teams 10 or so years ago? I'm sure I remember something about this...

ha! great thread.

if it wasn't for the 2001-2002 Toronto Phantoms i wouldn't even know Arena football ever existed.

I don't really think there is much you can do to "Canadianize" indoor, or arena football, but here's my thoughts.
The arena league was the one place in the US where the rouge existed, exept it was called the single point everywhere but new orleans, and was awarded if a team failed to advance a kick out of the endzone.

obviousely a move from 4 downs for ten yards to 3 downs.
Boards are in play, a player is not down untill his knee or body part other than hands or feet touch the ground.
8, not 7 players on the field.
unlimited motion of course.
no movement or blitzing restrictions for linebackers.
no need to change the rule for a rouge. infact, i doubt it could work any other way.
and of course keep our no yards rules for kicks.

the only difficulties lie in the fact that hocky rinks are standard to 68 yards long by 28 yards wide, or, 200ftx85. and most venues leave littel or no room to expand, wich means you're stuck with those dimensions. that, and convincing canadian kids that don't break the CFL this is a ligitimate choice. then marketing the product to the populace. I mean somehow, the AFL managed for 20 years to pay it's players in the 100k range and above in some cases, and we hardly manage to match it in the CFL.... yikes.

at one point hamilton did actually have an indoor team in the Northern Indoor Football Conference... but i think it was only 1 or 2 years. and it played decidedly american rules.

but, one can always day dream hahahaha.