Canadian Anthem needs to be televised!

I was unable to attend the TiCat / Stampeders game today, but taped and am now watching on tv. I am proud that we have the CFL - which is OUR CANADIAN NATIONAL LEAGUE. I cannot understand, however, that the CFL does not demand that any/all televised games show the singing of OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. Leagues south of our border always televise their national anthem, are their leagues more proud of their country? I can only speak for myself, but I believe it can only add to the CFL to allow fans across the country experience an entire game, which always starts with our National Anthem.

We're Proud CANADIANS! Let's not be afraid to show it. CFL fans speak out. Maybe if enough people agree with this, the networks and the league will listen.


Ticats, you hit the nail on the head, :thup: it is aparently "our league" so maybe we should showcase it, it is the CANADIAN football league and it is all about canada, if you were watching a game for the first time you probably never guess that it was canadian football.

they show the national anthems during hockey games, why not in the CFL????

They did it for the Montreal-Saskatchewan game.
I agree, especially for playoff games.
I like to see the intros, national anthems and what not. It's part of the experience.

Can't agree more!!!! CBC shows the anthem(s) for nhl as well when they did the cfl games. TSN does not show the anthems for their NHL broadcasts either..whereas Sportsnet, and the as before mentioned CBS, air the national anthems. Always makes me proud, especially when the fans are belting it out TOO...i.e.:Mark Donnelly with the Canuck Fans. :lol:

Seeing As so many players are
American I feel we shouldP play and broadcast both anthems

not on your life.

do you think you would ever hear the canadian anthem at an all american teams nhl games???

So because they wouldn't do it means we should be the same way? At the olympics I was proud when the Canadian fans were chanting USA . Burrs is good enough to win a grey cup so I think we can play his anthem

Why would TSN do it when they can sell another 2 minutes of commercials instead?

Why don't we play the Russian national anthems as well in Detroit and Pittsburgh if Malkin and Datsyuk are good enough to win a stanley cup so I think we can play their anthems too

At their home games, the Flyers play 'God Bless America' instead of the national anthem..

.. so maybe we in the Rider nation should play one of our anthems.. Rider Pride or Green is the Colour prior to our home games..

No anthems, please. Can't stand listening to them before hockey games, don't want them in football. This is just a sport. Let's leave idiotic nationalism at the door and just enjoy three-down football.

Actually FYB, in the first round of the playoffs this past nhl season, the Boston/Buffalo series played both anthems when the games were in Buffalo. It was weird.

I'm a big Buffalo Sabres fan and go to games there atleast a few times a season. They always play both anthems. It's really cool.

WHY have anthems sung at pro sports events at all????????

Anthems should be sung at gatherings that reflect some sort of national interest like Canada Day, Remembrance Day, etc. How this idea that anthems should be sung at sporting events started I don't know and why it has perpetuated is really inexplicable.

hmm I did not know that, thanks for the clarification. You would think I would have known that, being a Bruins fan, I watch enough games that are in Buffalo. Guess I just never caught the anthems before :slight_smile:

Bingo! Instead of the national anthem, i think they should play Enter Sandman, now that would add to the experience!

I agree NHL games should play anthems from both countries as the league is made up of teams from both. However, the NFL plays the American anthem only, as it should, as it is only made up of teams from the USA. The CFL is our only National League. I've been going to games since I was a child and have always enjoyed hearing and singing the anthem. What's wrong with showing a little patriotism. Yes, it is a sports venue, but it is a Canadian sports venue. I believe having a large group gathered listening to and or singing the national anthem is a good thing.

As long as they sing the anthem I am all for it. When the singers decide to freelance and butcher the anthem like at the Olympics, I would just as soon not listen. The anthem at Commonwealth today was the same thing, sing the song like it is supposed to be sung so people can sing along. Don't know who sang today but please if you want to solo do it in the shower, anthems are to be sung along with!

Ya that has kinda baffled me as well. Im not particularly fond of the concept of nationalism either so I'm kinda biased against it(dont want to discuss it here but it really boils down to people beating their chests over something they had no control over).

I think it should be up to hte discretion of the network personally Id rather have the minute or so in question go towards more pregame analysis than a song but Im also the type of person that changes the channel at the grey cup halftime show