Canadian all star team vs US all star team.

i will create an american all star offense, and then you guys create a canadian all star defense. the players have to be playing as of now. after that, i will create an all star defense, and you guys create an all star offense.
Coach-Bill Belichick

qb-Tom Brady
Wr-Santana Moss, Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith
OL-LeCharles Bentley, Larry Allen, WIll Shields,Willie Anderson,Orlando Pace
TE-Antonio Gates
RB-Shawn Alexander

what the point in this?

why not?? there is nothing else interactive like this on the boards right now.

lol soonerfan

Our twelve vs your eleven???
3 downs and 35 second to play the ball?
your tiny endzones!
our large balls!!!
Played in Winterpeg in Feburary.

He's got one strike against him already...taking that head case Randy Moss. Does this exercise come with a "Get out of Jail" card? :wink:

anyway, lets come up with a list shall we?

on the 12 man thing, i was going to put something about that, but i felt it would be pointless. anyways, here is what i was gonna suggest. you guys match my offense with 11 players, and i will match your offense with 12 players. and fine, i will replace randy moss with santana moss. :lol:

Eiben for MLB and Cantor should be considered for NT
But I never know who is Canadien and who isn't, so feel free to second guess me

Well, are we talking Canadian players, or CFL players?

I'd wager Canadian

well since the title is canadian all star players vs us all star players, not cfl vs nfl, it is canadian all star player.

Since almost all NFL players are American, and about half of CFL players are American, that doesn't leave a lot of Canadian players for us to choose from. So this is a futile exercise.

First, all players should be the all-stars from each league. Second, one game of Canadian rules on a Canadian field, and one game of American rules on an American field. McGill and Harvard set the formula a long time ago. And my prediction? The games would be closer than you think. Who would have thought that Canada would beat the USA in baseball, or that the Canadian men were shut out of the Olympic medal round in hockey...

if you want it to be that way, than start your own thread. and america did not have all of their best players, curt schilling, bonds, and others, for example.

You shouldn't include Bonds in the mix., he is no one without the juice ...

and u cant compare cfl allstars vs nfl allstars to canadian baseball allstars vs american baseball allstars, because HALF OF THE CFL IS AMERICAN!!!

I don't think I did but let me look..........Nope, I didn't, you might want to direct your comment to someone else

well he is american, and in america you are innocent until proven guilty. i dont know if that is how it is in canada though. and i was not talking to you, i was talking to high five.

Bonds is Guilty! Everyone knows it including you, Sooner fan. None of his records for the past 5-8 years should count. He did it on the Juice and it is a disgrace that he is trying to break Hank's records cheating. If it doesn't work in the Olympic with Ben Johnson then it shouldn't work for Barry (Bail) Bonds.