Canada's team…

Pedersen: Riders' Semi-Final loss 'one that got away'

"That’s all she wrote.

The 2014 season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders came to a painful conclusion on Sunday, with an 18-10 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos in the Western Semi-Final at Commonwealth Stadium.

Any season-ending game is painful unless you win it, which means you’ve won the championship, but Sunday’s was particularly hard to swallow for Canada’s Team because it was there for the taking."

I don't post much anymore but for some reason this really rubbed me the wrong way. Since when were the Riders Canada's team? ?? I get the whole play on the Dallas Cowboys and America's team but I do not remember them historically being considered the nation's team. There are teams in 4 other provinces, where the Riders are certainly not the team to root for. Also I don't how you can consider that a game that got away, when you throw 5 picks, you should lose by 28 not just 8.

I dont know maybe I am just in a bad mood or something but I think calling the Riders Canada's team is just a bit overzealous. I realize Pederson is a Sasky boy but come on, they are Saskatchewan's team yes, but I will stick with my Tiger-Cats thank you very much.

On the way home from the eastern final last year, I listened to the game between the greenies and Calgary. Pederson was calling it. The homerism coming out of his mouth was so blatantly bad, I almost turned it off, except I wanted to hear how the game was going.

If you want an objective opinion on anything involving the CFL, and especially that team in Regina, Rod Pederson is the last person you will get that from.

He should be wearing a green cheerleading outfit....aahhh...what an awful image!!!!!!

I am loath to respond to a post preaching "Canada's Team" and do so only to voice my disdain.

Canada has 9 teams.

Get over yourself Roughriders, it took you 101 years to win 4 cups.

Looks like "Canada's" team needs some more garbage bags :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to nitpick 2EZ, but that should be 5 other provinces: BC, AB, MB, ON, and QC...

Lol woops feel free to nitpick at a dumb mistake like that … I sadly remember counting multiple times to make sure as well... i somehow forgot B.C..… the only other team named after the entire province, go figure.

Well, there is this.

Didn't agree with it at the time, don't agree with it now. But it could be where he's getting it from.