Canada's rising young tennis stars

The last couple of weeks the tennis spotlight was on 18 year old Bianca Andreescu who shockingly won in Indian Wells and had knocked off some Top 10 players again in Miami until an injured shoulder forced her out.

So now it is the men’s turn and the Felix and Denis show is turning heads in Miami. The two teenagers have both now qualified for the quarterfinals - both pulling off big upsets in the round of 16 today. Only two other teenagers have ever made it to the quarterfinals in the Miami tournament history.

And they are being noticed by the tennis world - especially Felix Auger-Aliassime.

Felix plays the # 11 seed Coric sometime after 9:00PM ET Wednesday. Shaporvalov plays his quarterfinal Thursday.

Exciting times for Canadian tennis.

I hope Bianca doesn’t run into the same problems as Raonic.

Everytime he starts making a run, he gets injured.
Bianca seems to have a trainer come out routinely for her shoulder.

Hopefully this isn’t the case, as she appears to have more legitimate ability than Bouchard.

Amazing! 18 year old Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime has moved on to the semis in Miami with an awesome display winning his quarter-final in two straight sets. Denis Shapovalov has a chance to move on to the semis as well playing at 3:00PM ET Thursday.

The tennis world is beginning to go a bit crazy with the level of play and composure the Canadian has been showing. This headline on a 7 Sports Australia article (one of the major TV networks down there) is typical.

[b]'Beyond insane': Teen shocks tennis world with never-before-seen feat[/b]
Remember the name Félix Auger-Aliassime.

The 18-year-old from Canada has just become the youngest player in the 35-year history of the Miami Open to reach the semi-finals of the ATP 1000 event.

Auger Aliassime swept past World No.13 Borna Coric on Wednesday, surging into a showdown with John Isner with a 7-6(3), 6-2 win.

The stunning win took Auger Aliassime’s career record against top-20 opponents to an astonishing 5-0.

The tennis world has gone nuts for the 18-year-old prodigy, who earlier this week became the first player born in the 2000s to reach the top 100 in the world

Bianca is in the Canadian Open finals ( rogers cup finals ).

Congrats . Quite the accomplishment for the 19 year old .

Andreescu wins in the finals with Serena withdrawing from the match in the first set! First Canadian to win this tournament on home soil in 50 years. With her second tournament win of the year, she may very well be the leading candidate for the Lou Marshall trophy.

In the running with Brook Henderson.

Fantastic for her and Canadian tennis. Not a big tennis fan but I know my cousin Mike Tevlin is happier than a skunk out of heck right now and kudos all the way around!!! She has rocked at his/ well theirs with his awesome wife Nicole, Tevlin Challenger and now this, beauty!

One day my cousin has to take me to the Players Lounge there at York, have no idea how much he gave to get this named after him but wouldn’t mind a peak, hey cous? :slight_smile:

Nice lounge .

He is quite the entrepreneur and philanthropist .

I use to eat those Two bite Brownies a lot .

Yeah, we in the family had no idea what he was up to with his friend and I for one lost out, wish I had invested with him early on. My bad and my dumb. He’s a very down to earth guy for the money he has I’ll tell ya. Nice Western honoured him with his friend Dan Devlin. They thought the dream and made it happen and I know they worked hard and long hours to make it happen, I know that:

“Tiger by the tail” as Dan Devlin says, he should be a TiCats fan. 8)

What’s also great, and sorry I’m off-topic here but I’m quite passionate about this for a few reasons, but is that Mike’s sister, my cousin of course, Martha, who was the founding director of London Health Sciences Foundation became very ill and around age 50 and died shortly thereafter without a real diagnosis other than maybe Lupus and Mike and his wife Nicole provided funds for SPECT technology for Western to help with difficult diagnoses in this aspect, this back in 2005. Western is one of the leaders in neurology and related aspects in the medical field in Canada and donations like this really do help.

London Health Sciences Centre announced today the acquisition of the new GE Infinia Hawkeye SPECT/CT (single-photon emission computed tomography) technology and the world’s first SPECT/CT Master Series Educational Program entitled “Introduction to Hybrid Imaging: Focus on SPECT/CT?.

Again mods, sorry for being off-topic but I need to get his out. For anyone who thinks it’s not that important to get as best or accurate of a medical diagnosis as possible, please read what Robin Williams’ wife has to say about this. Robin committed suicide as many know.

He thought he was going crazy,? Susan Williams said. “A diagnosis would have helped us cope.?

Man Bianca seems so genuine and that was a real moment to watch with her squatting beside Serena and them both smiling and chatting about the whole affair. Looked like great sportsmanship to me.

Mind you I would be smiling too if I just won and didn’t have to fight with Serena on the court . She is a powerful woman .

The f bomb made it kinda wonky and over the top .

Still happy for her and that chubby cheek grin .

The f bomb
Have to admit Hank, don't know this expression...? Honestly and it's meaning in this tennis match.

Your too young for me to teach you such foul language at your age it may corrupt you .

Ok, had to look it up 8)

SHE THE NORTH! :slight_smile:

#SheTheNorth a ratings juggernaut for TSN last week too.

New US Open record for her quarterfinal - average 852,000, peak 1.3 million, reach 3.2 million

Lasted only two days because her semi-final drew - average 995,000, peaked at 1.5 million at 11:15PM

The Final - HUGE numbers - Most watched TV program in Canada since Game 6 win of the Raptors drawing an average of 3.4 million between TSN and RDS with a peak of 5.3 million and reach of 7.4 million. A 58% share in the Toronto market.

Decent draw in the USA too with the Women’s Final up 28% from last year’s and 58% higher than 2017.

And she is fast becoming a media favourite down there making appearances on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

You cannot help but cheer for her.
She is confident in herself, yet can be humble at the same time.

This is something sorely lacking in many top athletes.

More good news the last couple of days for Canada’s young tennis stars.

Denis Shapovalov won his first ever ATP title winning the Stockholm Open - Canada’s first ATP title since a January 2016 Raonic win.

And Bianca has moved all the way up to be now ranked #4 in the ATP rankings. What a year!