Canada's mens soccer team

Big win against the US.
Hope they can keep the momentum and at least get a draw next month.
Too bad game wasnt on TV.

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Ridiculous that the game wasn't on either TSN or Sportsnet. First time in 34 years that the Canadian men have beaten the Americans.

Disappointing crowd of just 12,132 at BMO Field. Small in numbers but loud in support.

Curious. That's less than Toronto F/C draws on average. I don't recall hearing any promotion for the game on the radio.


From the Sportsnet (and other) articles, the announced attendancewas 17,126

That's not bad for a mid week game. The CONCACAF Nations League is still a relative unknown competition and not too straight forward in how it relates to World Cup Qualifying.

Based on FIFA ranking toget to the Hex, otherwise a long drawn out process.

Saw that attendance number this morning and the tweet from Canada Soccer that I got the 12,132 number from last night - seems to have disappeared. That's a better number and closer to the 18,000 - 22,000 range I would have expected.

it is always nice to beat USA at anything


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Going to be cold, -7 today in Hamilton for the Canada-U.S. match, 12,000 will be in attendance 1/2 capacity of the stadium due to COVID protocol. No snow or any major winds in the forecast so it could be a lot worse. Good on Hamilton to have a match of this significance, unfortunate full capacity couldn't be done. A lot of excitement here among the soccer community I'm sure. I'll probably tune it a bit here and there from watching the NFL playoffs first and foremost though but will definitely tune in here and there for this soccer match (I guess one has to use the term 'match' for soccer and not 'game', one day I'll get used to this, I think :slight_smile: )

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Great victory for the Canadian team. Does this mean Canada is now in the World Cup? Don't know, maybe someone can tell me, I don't know the soccer thing much and exactly what this win means in terms of qualifying for the World Cup which I assume this CONCAF tournament is about?

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Top 3 teams get into the World Cup

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You didn't answer my question but I do appreciate your response. Does this win today mean Canada is in the World Cup? Yes or No.

Still 4 games to go
Not sure if we clinched yet,
But it is looking good! :eyes:


Thank you Grover, still some work to go then. Would be huge for me as a person who doesn't follow soccer that much for Canada to qualify for the WC, makes the WC much more interesting to me then. And soccer in general.

That zero in the loss column is :ok_hand: :+1: :canada:


From the standings you posted it looks pretty good. They would virtually have it but then I remembered it’s 3 points for a win. Still, Panama or Costa Rica would have to win 3 or 4 games to have a chance, even if Canada tanked.

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Costa Rica currently drawing with Mexico.

If they don't win then even if Costa Rica won every following match, Canada would only need one more win to guarantee at least the play-off place.

(Technically, a win and a draw, but goal difference is hugely in Canada's favour plus they have a return fixture against C.R.)

Top 3 qualify automatically, 4th place finisher goes into the inter-continental playoff which for this World Cup cycle will be against an Oceania team.

Just FYI, CONCACAF is the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football - so effectively it covers North America, Central America, the Caribbean islands and the "culturally Caribbean" South American countries (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana).


went back and forth between this game and the NFL today. Saw both goals and a lot of the play. Very satisfying game and result. Looking good for the WC.

Hopefully Alphonso is good to go by then

Thanks for that info. Boy Canadian soccer coming a long way in the last few years it seems.