Canada's First Coronavirus Vaccine Made In Saskatchewan Is Now In Testing Stages

Let's all cross our fingers !

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This is just the start of a 12 to 18 month process. It is encouraging something is happening but it will take a lot of work to get it ready for use by the general population.

With all the leagues postponing games in the last couple of days, I am crossing my fingers that we have a 2020 CFL season. :mask:

When a vaccine becomes hopefully available, I wonder what the anti-vaxxers will say.


"Well . . . maybe just this once."


'oh canada !'
long time ago canada brought forth penicillin too

Looking at the possibility of meeting whoever is your maker face to face rather focuses your attention?:grinning:

Sorry, but Alexander Fleming was born in Scotland and discovered penicillin in London, England.

Perhaps you might be thinking of Banting and Best and insulin?

oopps i made a mistake
i was referring to sanford flemming who did not discover penicillin

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