Canada's Blame Culture, Fire the Hockey Coach

We blew the Men's Olympic hockey. Almost everybody beat us. The whole idea is to put more pucks in the net than the other team. This was a bunch of prima donnas that hit the ice, not a team that worked together.

What now? Bad mouth the Coach and blame him. It is like Michael Moore blaming a fork for making him fat, or blaming the university when you flunk out.


If things arent working, coaches need to change lines, sit players,
change up some systems. Quinn did little to none of that.
He shouldnt have to BUT that team didnt seem motivated, raise some
hell behind that bench.

Were getting killed with bad penalties and he takes a bench penalty after
the period.

Players need to be given situations where they can succeed. You fricken
picked a McCabe and a Bertuzzi, get the former on the power play and
the latter in front of the net during that powerplay.

He knew Blake and Pronger had nagging injuries, yet he put them out
during every situation. Power play, penalty kill, regular shift. Whys
McCabe on the team if youre afraid to use him.

This wasnt all Quinns fault, but he didnt help the cause.

But please dont use Bertuzzi as an example, he should be doing hard time and suspended from hockey forever.

Woo 3-3 with three shutouts.

I think it was the betting scandal :open_mouth:
Oh wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that...

Yup, bottom line...we stunk.

But I am getting tired of all the bashing and second-guessing going on in the media.

Consider this
This tournament was deeper (talent-wise) than ever before. There were legitimately 8 quality teams there and even the other 4 teams were not that far behind. The Gold medal was never Canada's to lose. So we won 4 years ago...that was 4 years ago! Things change. As an aside, there was a good point made on PrimeTime Sports this week in that the Gold medal victory at SLC was made possible by some timely upsets in the tournament. Canada squeaked by Finland in the Quarters, beat Belarus in the semis (after they had upset Sweden) and then beat the US in the final (after they had knocked off Russia). That was hardly the most challenging route to the win.

Secondly, Canada simply does not have the tools to succeed at the International game of hockey with the larger ice surface and different even more different with the changes to NHL officiating. Unlike the World Cup, this tournament is not tilted in favour of Canada, which is why we've only won a single gold medal in 50 years.

If this "disaster" at least causes Hockey Canada to re-evaluate the way they put together teams for this tournament by 2010, that will be worth it. I'd rather see them take gold in Vancouver in 4 years.

burn this team down to the ground and start again from the begging.

were there any players that played that will be back in 4 years and that showed any promise?

Honestly KK nobody really played well. In 4 yrs time
they'll be some returnee's who'll hopefully play up to
their potential.

(Our goalie was pretty good.)

Mike Broduen, right? guy for the Devils, yeah, he is one of the best. Hopfully he'll be back in 4 years (it's a shame that Roy didn't play in 2002, oh well, he missed out)

Kabibulian probaly played for Russia yestreday (I didn't see the game, sry, busy busy busy), he is the best peroid, but he isn't invisible, and I was hopping that Canada would win, but the numbers weren't there.

seems like the lose to Switzland and the Wanye G scandle thing maded Canada tip. At least that is the way I see it.

.......honestly KK, it's called the internet, use it for research........Martin Brodeur was the canuck goalie, and Nabakov (Sharks) was in goal for the ruskies.......

.......lots of blame to go around for sure.....herald, you must be a leafs fan for not wanting to blame Quinn......he made some bonehead decisions.......and taking a bench minor for lipping off the ref was the biggest one........completely assinine and some leadership Pat or go home........

.....alright Larry/Fred/Herald/Jethro.....pick a username and stick with it.....

eh? has fred changed his name againg?!?

and I meant Marin Broder, but you know I can't spell to save myself.

Gretzky is to blame here. Right from the beginning when they picked their players, he got his old boys group. He went to Turin and distracted the team with the gambling controversy. He couldn't and didn't want to bring in the young guys to get some energy on this team. He blew it when he confused loyalty with lack of guts to make a move. So long Gretzky go back to Phoenix and ruin their team not ours.

He should do thw rold a favor and bring the Jets back to the Peg where they belong.

I bought NHL 95 the other day on this EA sports system thing I found while I was in Wal Mart. Only 9 bucks so I said to my self, why not?

Blame %'s

Quinn 30% He's almost worn out his welcome in Toronto....Time to retire.
Gretzky 30% I would have switched about 6 guys. (Bertuzzi, Blake,and Pronger on the top of my list)
Players 40% They looked like they really didn't care. No effort. After being spoilled watching the Canadian Junior team, maybe my expectations were to high! :roll:

Watching the game against Russia was like watching the Lions against the Argos in the '94 Grey Cup. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT GAME PLAN AND WHY WHEN IT DIDN'T WORK FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE GAME WAS IT NOT CHANGED?
Rant over.

I think you mean 2004 Grey Cup game

The talent was there to win those games. The systems and motivation was not. Systems and motivation fall heavily on the coaches, especially the head Coach, one PAt Quinn, who is the coach of one of the worst teams in the NHL right now. Of course not all the blame goes on the coaching staff, but some of it does. And I think with a better coaching staff, we would have had MUCH better results

I agree.

The players played in the preliminary round like they didn't care. Some people said that they lacked heart and intensity, and were shouted down by some of those sports types who loudly proclaimed that Canada would still win the gold. I suddenly wasn't so sure about gold, but I figured we'd still make it to the final game, or at least the bronze medal game!

But once they got to the games that really counted, they figured they'd be able to turn it on and blow everyone away. Well guess what, guys, it doesn't work that way. You can't flip a switch and suddenly you have intensity. They should have been playing their hearts out every single game, the way the women did and were lambasted for it by people like Don Cherry.

I guess what really bugs me are those people who criticize the women -- who got us a gold medal -- for their style of play, while at the same time defending the men -- who came away with nothing.

the thing that gets me about the Women though is that they were place in a division that was clearly the weakest, and they wanna to prove they were better than that so they scored a lot of goals to prove to the world just how go they were and how messed up it was that they played these teams in the pool. They didn't deserve the **** storm that the Americans and the Media set them, and they fought back and won the gold and are now a dynasty.

Good on ya Lady Team Canada!!!!

The women played their butts off and as most people probably don't know the rules of international hockey encourage blowouts as goal differential solves any ties at the end of the preliminary round. Don't know what Cherry was thinking as he was so way off here. He should be criticizing those countries for not having better women's programs to become competitive. That would benefit everyone.