canada's best college bball team??

jw, cuz i was looking at duke's bball schedule, and they beat a team from canada called concordia 123-66. duke is one of america's best teams though, respectively.

Is there a point somewhere?
This is releveant how?

........concordia?!?!.........that's a school for the blind!!!........not bad, 66 points without their white canes......

I think the dogs scored most of the points

relevent to what?? i know that this is not the only topic that has had nothing to do with the cfl. i mean, at least it has something to do with canada.

.......they have these two freaks that are like 8 feet tall.........cousins from Newfoundland that just stand around their own end waving these 6 foot long arms around.......probably why Duke couldn't get into the 200s......

I never knew that CIS teams and NCAA teams played together, always thought they played by themselves.

.....I can't believe you just wrote that.....

want me to change it from "with" to "by"?

yes? no? maybe so?

You really didn't need to change that, KK.....having teams "play with themselves" was an innocent error.....perverted, but innocent.....

Uh, jm02, I did that on purpose. I've been a bad bad boy!

Here are some scores for you;

Sept 4thh, 2005 -UBC 85 cal state northridge 61
Oct 28, 2004 -UBC 82 University of Georgia 63
Oct 10, 2004 - UBC 89 Kansas State 84

UBC should still say with the CIS though.

another thing, they were a great team when they were around, but the NBA isn't coming back to BC.

Those were exhibition games.....They re still CIS ...I think

lol, cal state northridge. and to let you know, georgia and k state are awful, i mean, it is undescribable.

My point was that UBC ( and Canadian universities in general) can compete against major college NCAA teams. Now I know CSN is not a major college program per say but they do play against schools such as USC ( which they beat) and other Pac 10 schools. As far as the other programs are concerned I beg to differ on what you would consider aweful. These schools have played and beaten Georgia Tec, Clemson South Carolina ,Alabama, Iowa St., New Mexico and Missouri amoungst others. Just For once soonerfan, put your hatred for other schools from that conference of yours aside and try to understand the context of the posting. It wasn't to say they were powerhouse programs they beat but more that they could compete in conferences such as the Big 12, Pac 10 or SEC.