Canada - Worlds' Best Country to Live -Happy Canada Day

:thup: 8)

O.K. -Folks,
Loyalties to our CFL teams aside for a moment!
We are certainly one of most fortunate people in the world living in Canada! Sure our government has faults but our country is united, largely safe and a geography that is spectacular. Furthermore, there are opportunities to succeed here and people will almost always help each other out. We are blessed or charmed to live here and I for one am humbled and thank-ful. If our biggest angst is smacking each other on a CFL football website -our problems compared to others in the world are pretty miniscule.
Long live our country and the freedoms we have grown to take for granted. Next time someone complains about our country tell them to try living in Iraq or in Africa or Afghanistan. Cheers to Canada and to Canada Day.

Cheers to all CFL fans and their families!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

Canda - Worlds' Best Country to Live -Happy Canada Day

Hey Turkey whats wrong with this ha ha ha No problem Happy Canada day! How many more sleeps until that dreaded day Thanksgiving!

To Red and White- You are a true CFL fan and your loyalty to the stamps is admirable. They looked quite impressive last night pal. I am pleased it appears that the west is dominant again. I will not smack you today but wish you well and cheer you and all CFL fans after all we are Canadians first and foremost.
Good Luck to your stumps and we will see you over Turkey on Turkey day !!

Ah yes get that axe sharpened!

Yes Happy Dominion Day to Allyou CFL fans. :rockin: