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This is the first in a series of articles on our Canadian game to be presented this week, online, by Sports Illustrated.
Not far below the photo of Marc Trestman hoisting the Grey Cup you'll find a listing of what's to follow through this week.

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Hopefully they see some good games.

It's too bad that the opening week couldn't feature better play then if they attended after Labour Day, and sold out crowds.

As it stands there will probably not be any sell outs and some quite poor crowds as well as some sloppy play which is too be expected, not the best advertisement, but they seem genuinely interested in our game.

They had Trestman do an article, and Flutie is up tomorrow.

They have someone covering the game with video in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan and Calgary.

I am super excited about this great article in Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback, which is the first article in a week of dedicated coverage for the opening week of the CFL season.

They've never done this before, and this could evolve into an annual thing. If the numbers reflect high interest, they will send a sports journalist team to cover the Grey Cup in Vancouver this year.

C'mon CFL fans ... log into SI and make some comments to spread the love and show them we want the coverage!


Fantastic article, post it everywhere, and give favourable comment to SI.

Great to see SI do this! Thanks tigertim for pointing this out.

Thanks ottawacat for mentioning this!

There is already a thread open for this. We don't need two!

Love that they're doing this though, to be honest, I found Trestman's article droned on a bit. Too much technical info to keep a casual reader interested, but not enough to satisfy someone who'd take an interest in the intricacies. Would have preferred more about what makes our sport special, not yet another run-down of the different rules. I think the other articles will be better.

Lots of comments and 99% of them are clearly from Canadians. I suspect that SI will being doing this again, not because any of their usual readers will take an interest, they won't, but because lets face it, as Canadians there's nothing we love more than hearing Americans talk about us, and every CFL forum will have this same thread and every CFL fan is going to be reading these articles. Seeing as lots of CFL fans are NFL fans too, this is an excellent way for SI to expand its readership.

They have tweeted that this is just a test run, if there aren't enough clicks then they wont continue to cover the CFL.

I'd like another place to go to that talks CFL, so that would be great, and a different perspective. Although, perhaps all it will be is comparing it to the NFL.

Since you're notifying us there's already a thread open on this topic, maybe it would helpful to others for you to actually post a link to the "already" thread.

It would help prevent slow guys like me from bumping this one. :wink:

This brings up a question I have wondered for a long time, because I just don't get it.

The question:

Why do so many Canadians think it's amazing when the Americans give something of ours some attention?

We know our league is great up here, and we don't need Americans to tell us that. That is obviously geared more to an American audience.

I have often wondered the same thing. If you ever figure it out, let me know :slight_smile:

Because Canada is so influenced by America, it's nice that we return the favour once in awhile :rockin:

Because some people need this... feel free to add shiny objects

I think a big part of it the novelty, because it simply doesn't happen often. It's kind of like seeing one of your kids get interviewed on TV. Unless your kid is famous, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your headbanger avatar, along with the American culture quotes in your signature speak volumes about where you stand.

The US influence over Canada is much more on political and superficial based. Culturally (at the core) we are a lot closer to the British, but actually more like ourselves. Never forget that we are part of the Commonwealth, and we have the Queen on our money.

We are the North Americans that stayed loyal to the British. Deep down fundamentally; most of us differ from Americans a great deal. The only Canadians I would consider close to Americans culturally are Albertans. I find Alberta to be VERY American.

That is ridiculous, do you realize that over 90 per cent of our exports go to the US? the US buys our products and natural resources. The most important industry to Ontario has always been the auto industry, Five major car companies are building cars in Canada almost all of them are headed to the US. Chrysler mini vans are only made in Ontario not the US, they are sold from Alaska to Alabama, the steel in them cars comes from the Hamilton area. If Americans have a downturn in their economy and don’t buy cars WE suffer in ONtario.
The US is buying forest products, oil, gas etc at the world price. Most of our food these days come from the southern US especially in the winter. We are members of NAFTA, products travel back and forth freely, the trucking industry alone employs about a million. We now have access to Walmart, Home Depot and many other US stores that have brought prices down considerably in this country.
3 Million Canadians visit Florida alone every winter and half a million Canadians own houses there.

Culture ?? we are influenced by American sports NOT British, If we weren’t so close to the US we would NOT have the CFL we would still be playing Rugby, we wouldn’t be playing baseball we would be playing cricket.
Sorry but I think you are totally wrong, we are more fundamentally more like Americans than Brits.
At one time yes Canada’s preferred immigrants were from the US but we opened up in the late 60s to take people from other parts of the world. We are similar to the US in the fact that we are made up of people from from all over the world. You say that Albertans are like Americans? why? because like Americans they believe in less government, lower taxes, more freedoms?
We may be linked to Britain because of history and we still have the Queen on our money, but that’s it.

Mostly a very good article. It's odd though that so forward thinking a man as Marc Tresman would think that on a field goal a point is automatically scored but rescinded if the returning team gets the ball out of the endzone!

Second in the SI series on the CFL, story by Doug Flutie…

Great PR for the CFL, but we all knew what a great league and game it is :slight_smile:

Doug Flutie exerpts/sentiments on the CFL...

[b]I miss playing in the CFL, no doubt about it. Boy, it was a lot of fun. People in America have no clue what goes on up there, or about the quality of football we had. Most of the guys were NFL-caliber talent, but were undersized or just didn’t fit the mold in one way or another.

In the CFL, I was in a position where if I saw something in the middle of the game, I could just put it in without having to ask anybody. As long as you keep it simple enough, guys can just react and go.
The NFL, for years, has been a copycat league.
A coach would have to see something be successful elsewhere before he was willing to try it—and the league has been very slow to change because of that.

The game in Canada was more exciting, more explosive, more wide open.
In the CFL, it was more of a game. And it was a lot more fun.

I was actually, for a while, making more money in the CFL working a 4½ hour workday than I would have in the NFL with a 12-hour workday. And I was in total control of the offense. You can see why I enjoyed it so much. I’d go in around 10 a.m., watch some film on my own and do some game-planning, grab lunch, and then start the day with the team at 1 p.m. We’d end by 5:30.

Another thing I’ll always remember is how fanatical the fans are up in Canada.
Especially in some of the smaller markets, this is their football and they love their teams. You can draw a parallel with just about every city to a team in America.
Saskatchewan reminds me a lot of Green Bay. They live for their team. Hamilton, with its blue-collar fans, is Pittsburgh. Calgary would be Denver

You couldn’t tell me winning a Super Bowl would feel any nicer.
(than a Grey Cup)[/b]