Canada vs US college SR Bowl ( the time is right)

With the CFL now drafting only players from the NCAA that do not have any NCAA eligibilty left ( no Redshirt Juniors ) and those who declare themselves for the draft early a game is now possible.

Benefits: With the game and training sessions in January it will give CFL teams better insight for Canadian players who will garner NFL interest 3 or 4 months before the draft.

the East West game gives a very small insight to CIS players who will be in an NFL Camp. Tardiff yes. Gill no.
Now the only way for NFL teams to see many CIS players is during post draft rookie mini camps. Lindon Gaydosh who saw really no NFL interest las season gave Hamilton what they though would be a sure CFL rookie. Problem NFL rookie camp a week later was the first chance for NFL scouts to evaluate him and the Cats lost their first draft pick.

Eligible Canadian players all NCAA, NAIA, and CIS players who are draft eleigible, As well as 5th year CIS 5th year free agents who were not drafted in their draft year.

US eligible players Players from mid major conferences, FCS, DII, DIII, NAIA, and US players in the CIS.

Eligible players from either country players who are not participating in any other SR Bowl games in that season or a previous season. For US players none from the power BCS conferences. For Canadian players those from power BCS conferences as long as they are not participationg in any other bowl.

Sponser by the NFL for US players and CFL for Canadian players.

rules US rules. reasons being that most Canadian players are familiar with US rules and many at one time or another have played the 11 man game whether they be from the province of BC HS which uses US HS national rules. players who have participated in IFAF events; Interantional Bowl, U19 IFAF world Championships, IFAF SR Championships.

Potential Locations: Pontiac Silverdome the most central location as well as looking for events. Olympic Stadium Montreal reno's with new roof. Quebec a hot bed for University and college CEGEP football could gain a lot of attention with Laval, Sherby, and three schools from Montreal and two from Ottawa.
Fargo Dome University of North Dakota State Bisons. With likley some Bisons being on the US and/or Canadian squad could be the best veneu and sight with a city and campus being purely excited to host such an event and is a central location.

CFL team neg list from the game CFL teams could add additional players to their neg list who are not already on a neg list in an organized draft format. It would most likley be a secret draft but it would be great if were done in public.

Post Game CFL rookie mini camp for US players. With many of the US players being possible CFL players as well have a CFL camp for the imports to teach them and run them through the CFL game.

TV Broadcast NFL Network. The NFL has the $$$ to easily broadcast the game. Canadian Broadcast. TSN/RDS or Sportnet/TVA. The Canadian Networks would not have to have their own broadcast team at the game and could use the NFL Broadcast but having CFL panelists from TSN or CIS panelist from Rogers 360 combine with the NFL Network team for insights on the CIS players.

The U.S college has nothing to gain by this and wouldn't bother. Plus our part time college athletes would get steamrolled.

Doesn't interest me, the Vanier Cup stands on it's own as what it is, the Canadian university football championship game. That being said cflsteve, it's all about money as is most things so if money is there for the CIS and whoever else is involved and helps promote football both sides of the border, go for it.

That is a fair assesment and I agree money drives everything but my motive for having such a game would be to evlute the Canadian players espesically to give the CFL teams a better idea of who will be going to an NFL camp. Right now only 2 players get evaluated that early in January in a week of skills and drills as well as the game.
As for the level of play remembering that there will be more than a handful of Canadian players who will be coming from DI power conference schools, Mid Majors, and 1AA FCS to go with Canadian players that would be in CIS DII and NAIA.
Eliminating power conference schools and players would lower the level of US players and most would go to the bigger US All Star Bowl games instead.
even the top Mid Major Players would be in other games and some FCS and DII as well
If eliminating mid major schools for the US side would be better and have it be FCS 1AA, DII, DIII, NAIA, and some US players in CIS.
I used the example of Gaydosh from last season. did not get evaluated until the E Camp which got him an invite to a NFL rookie Mini Camp and was signed less than a week after the draft.
Now if Gaydosh and others were to play in such a game the NFL interest would be there earlier and CFL teams would have known that Gaydosh would not have been available to the CFL for at least a couple of seasons.

After several Caanadian players making good in the NFL that were not of all american type quailty just like the small division bowl the NFL would be very interested I would think in getting a better look at more Canadian players and better evalute who to select to come to camp

The CIS and NCAA played a football series a few years ago, I think it was an All-Star format. The Canadians won and the Americans declined to continue the series.

The question is how long would it take the Americans to adjust to playing Canadian football?

To suggest we play Yankee rules because Canadians are familiar with it is totally ludicrous. We play Canadian football in Canada and if Americans want to play us, they can play Canadian football...or at least play half and half, like virtually every other football series that's been played between the two countries.

Nobody wants to watch Canadian players playing Yankee football against Yankees. End of story. :thdn:

Really not so true. there are very many of the top Canadian prospects playing in the NCAA this year.
Anyway the point of this would be for Canadian players to be scouted much earlier in August so there will be more imformation when it comes to the CFL draft.
Making it fun or intersting along the way would be up to those who would like it to be.
Changing the redshirt Junior rule will help but still having a situation that Hamilton had with Gaydosh last year having a game such as this lowers the chances of that happening by a lot. Gatdosh had no NFL interest because no NFL team got to see him until a rookie mini Camp just days after the CFL draft.

If the CIS and the NAIA want to get together for a game would not be a bad idea either.

This is attitude is exactly why the status quo should be changed. Giving CIS players exposure to NCAA competition will help improve the CIS players, and shatter some myths about CIS talent level at ALL positions.

Agreed 100% if per chance that the NCAA does not want any part of this the NAIA and the CIS can for sure have an agreement for a yearly Januray week of evaluations followed by a game.
Having only 2 CIS players participating in the EAST WEST Shrine game is not enough anymore
The CIS runs an East west game every spring so cost wise adding a game of CIS players vs NAIA and/or Mid Major to DIII players ceratinaly can be done.
The goal is to get players who will be evaluate for pro football play for the upcoming season and the CIS needs much more exposure to bring all of the best to one area vs a US team of players where NFL/CFL/AFL scouts can all be on hand.
If it can become a made for TV event for TSN/RDS, NFL Network, Sportsnet 360/TVA, Streaming, Streaming TSN GO, Streaming ESPN3/Watch ESPN

The idea would logically seem to be for a CFL "try-out" game comprising draft-eligible Canadian players and American university players eligible to sign with the CFL. Have a CFL committee select what players to invite. Balance the ratio between the two teams and have a two-week training camp to give the American players a brief familiarization with CFL rules.

More realistically, have a CFL evaluation camp for American players of university age that are eligible to sign with the CFL.

Never happen, NCAA has nothing to gain and have their off season schedule planned out. Combine and their own east west shrine bowl game. Plus their college teams have their own training facilities and off season training regimen. That is light years ahead of our facilities and off season training programs. CFL scouts go down and scout in the U.S extensively , a one off game with players not knowing the rules would be useless in evaluating talent. NCAA teams want their players learning their systems and getting ready for their season.

What would constitute “light Years” what do they have that we don’t have? A weight room?

Here’s Oregon’s facilities.

Ha Ha, are you kidding ? Better coaching , POUR millions of dollars in their programs,run pro offences and sheer numbers dwarfs what CIS has to offer, not even close. Little Grand Forks , UND has better facilities than anything the CIS has !

Here is McMasters.

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Are you referring to the game that was played on Superbowl weekend? Canada won something like four of those in a row. It has since been done away with, but the last time something similar was played (the IFAF U19 world championship), Canada won that too, in Austin Texas. :thup:

The next one is this July in Kuwait. Love that stuff. :rockin:

That is for the entire university. Oregon’s is football program only .

Who plays ? Rosters ?

Here ya go!

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There was an event a few weeks back in Texas called the International Bowl. Different age ranges played games against the US. If I recall correctly, Canada won three and lost three.

But the event served as something of a tryout for the junior teams participating in the tournament. The result is the roster above, with players from across the country, more or less. BC looks like it was shut out, as were the Maritimes.

These games and the week of drills are not for the NCAA teams they are for the NFL teams. The NFL does not care what league or what school a player comes from as long as he can help the team. So Week of drills followed by a game from a league of almost 30 teams that is 30 more teams of players in which they know the least about.
Like E camp these games are largely run by the NFL.
If NCAA feels as though they have enough of these games currently the NAIA also would almost certainly look at this as great way to get the teams in their league involved.
It will be a start. I would not be surprised to see the Junir college players looking to get involved as well. NJCAA and the CCCAA. As these players may look to go the alternate route in which they do get paid something to play football and not have to go to classes and land a job in the CFL or AFL in which the NFL also scouts for talent each year.
So the NCAA is not really needed for the CIS and other Canadian players to face talented but not overwhelming US talent.

As I said if the CIS can find thefunding to put on the spring East West Game and the CFL can have three regional e camps and one main e camp they can expand to a week of drills ended by a game in which scouts from all leagues will be looking for that diamond in the rough. ex Tardiff. and know ahead of time not to invite others like Gill to rookie mini camps in the NFL