Canada vs. Japan

In the world champion ships.

Canada is down by 3 right now
they have the ball with a few minutes left.

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watch the game there, horrible camera work though, need better production values.

canada scored a touchdown and are up now.

i dont know how to get the link to work better, it wont come out right

Nice find. Video won't work for me but I browsed around the site a bit and it looks like Michael Faulds is lighting that tournament up. Maybe weak competition, but first two games he's 34/48, 440 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT and 8 carries for 82 yards and 2 TD. Nice to see, always liked Faulds.

Fualds wasnt drafted in CFL because he was banged up in CIS playoffs, If he's healed up and playing that well, He SHOULD get a CFL tryout at the very least.IMHO

I think so too. At least a tryout can't hurt. He's too talented to just let sit there without even a look.

They've got someone doing live play in a chat on MarcWagz' link, from what I could tell, Japan scored to make it 27-24 Japan, and on Canada's first play from scrimmage Faulds hit a 72 yard pass to the 1-yard line leading to a TD. Canada's up 31-27 now.

Go Canada!!!

I'm not surprised Japan would be Canada's first close game (though apparently Austria put up a good fight, despite the gap in scores). We don't hear about them much, but they've got quite a well developed football program there, with more than 100 universities having a football program.

Canada won a close game 31-27

does japan have a professional football league like Canada?

Canada wins, 31-27.

what the heck why did my post disappear?
I asked if japan has a pro league like Canada does?

It didn't disappear.. it's just way up there for some reason.. third post of the thread.

Yeah, it does, but I couldn't find much about it. It's called the X-league with 60 teams in 4 different tiers, with promotion/relegation between tiers. Seems like a pretty well organized league.

Your post didn't disappear. It just appeared in the wrong place in the thread (see the topic on posting problems).

The highest non-collegiate level of football is the Japan X-league. Here is their website (almost totally in Japanese, though)

Here is an article about them in English from Bloomberg

IIRC faulds wasnt banged up until his fifth year. Thats why he was never signed as a free agnet. as far as his draft status(wich has to be done by the end of the fourth year), No one was even looking at Canadian QB's as a qb at that time. To my knowledge, wich is limited at best, no one ever tried him out at anything other then QB. Perhaps if they had tried him out as a reciever he could have been in the CFL already. Bertrand being the best example of a QB converted. IIRC Faulds was part of the first group of Canadian QB's invited to the CFL evaluation camp. i think it was him, brannigan and glavic. I was suprised it was brannigan not faulds that was signed. probably due to the injury.

I agree that this could be a great opertunity for faulds to get his name back out there. he holds some great records at western. Give him a work out at least.

side note, Matt Walter, Lagte round draft pick by the stamps from the U of C is having a great tourney. i was sad to se ehim released, but we just had too many good backs. like edmonton.

Loooks like Canada will play the USA in the Gold Medal game on Saturday. I hope they win......but the USA just looks too good.

Update.. after three games he's 48/69, 644 yards, 5 TDs, 2 INTs with 13 carries for 72 yards and 2 TD.. note that QB kneels count as -2 yard runs in american rules, so his real rushing numbers are better than that.

Don't know whether or not to expect that Canada team to compete with the US, but if Faulds leads them to a win there, he has to get a look from someone, right?

Faulds must have pretty good recievers to be putting up those numbers.

His CIS stats are #1 , ahead of Brannagan, and more mobil as his stats are proving.

My bet is he will sign as a F.A with Barkers boatpeople.

How old is Faulds? If he's still got age on his side he might get an opportunity next year. I'm guessing if he's older than 25 or 26 he's got an uphill battle though.