Canada To Be Emancipated

According to Joe Pasquale on Global News tonight, expect Tom Canada to be released by the Bombers this weekend.

Troy Westwood should write a song: "I lost my spleen in Costa Rica and I lost my heart in Winnipeg".

...I think Tom sealed his fate in the league when he refused to report to the hammer....I don't see anyone taking a chance on him now....Kelly is sure putting his mark on the team approach...and like the Don' and Buono...he has no real love for the media....The Bomber media, at this point in time, are really sinking to a new low...How can you square a bunch of toads,,,ripping on a coach ,who hasn't even got his feet wet with the team...They seem like a bunch of Taman zombies... yup ...stick with a loser and defend him to the end.. As far as i'm concerned maybe they should think of reporting on another team in another city...They don't seem to be supporting the one in the Peg right now... :thdn: Kelly has made his the media can make theirs.. :oops:

I couldn't agree more with your take on the Winnipeg media pops. It's 'yellow journalism' at it's finest. I don't know how guys like Tait & Irving can expect us to take anything they say seriously from here on out. Sad indeed.

...I'm really embarassed that not one of them would actually go into depth about Kellys comments....They took off on this one like they were out to, 'set this guy straight'.....It seems they didn't like the comment that the Bomber coaches and new gm. might not be as readily available to them ...mostly, just because of the crap we have just witnessed from the local media...I am very disappointed in Irving , Tait, and a few others who took the low road...With supporters like these guys, we'll have Kelly tarred and feathered before he gets his head-set on....C'mon , changes are here guys...get the hell on board.. :oops: