Some of you will remember when the WFL I believe tried to expand to Toronto and Canada in the 70's, team was awarded and became the Toronto Northmen, the government would not allow it and proteded the CFL with federal legislation tabled and which would have prevented the US league from coming here. Resulting in the Northmen moving and becoming the Memphis Southmen.
Now, with free trade this may be a problem, maybe?, surely the Conservatives would not allow the NFL and would immediately legislate same.
Not that the NFL will ever come here for many reasons, but in case it ever was to occur there is no question in my mind how this Canadiana as being a true fabric of our nation would result in proctectionism.

well I dont know if anyone is aware of it, but already signed is a union called "The North American Union" that will act simular to the Eropian Union.
Dont blame Mr Harper, it is the Liberal PM that signed it.
That does not mean that a North American Union is going to happen, it just means that the wheels are turning toward it right now.
Which could mean a team in Milwaukee after all. lol

Marty York reports that Paul Godfrey has made large donations to both the Federal Liberals and Federal Conservative parties.Reliable sources that Harper and Dion will have Personal suites at the Sky Dome starting next season!

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Oooh, that would be nice … protect what is Canadian … I would hope that if (not when, because I also doubt it, and hopefully I’m right) an NFL team tried to come to Toronto, Canadians would “rise up” and bring up Americanizing Canada and how that’s a bad thing and how this is just one more example of it, and that we need to protect what is Canadian and our own …

Why worry about what won't happen, the NFL has no interest in setting up in Toronto....It is a nothing thing the NFL has been doing right lately is looking at market share and fan vs corporate support. Two out of three things Toronto will not be able to do over the long term, expand the market share (not enough NFL fans in TO to support the team and the rest of the country has their own teams they cheer). Second the fan base to sit in the seats....if the Raptors and Blue Jays are any indication....NFL will only be supported if they win and win big....sorry just don't see it happening...

Marty York Reports that the name of the new NFL Franchise for Toronto will be the Toronto Canadiens. (Spelled with an E to draw some football fans from Quebec.)This will help maintain our Canadian identidy as we get swallowed up by another American league. They will have a blue maple Leaf as their logo so as to completely confuse the hockey fans in Toronto.

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