Canada names its Olympic roster

a noted whos-who on defense. ;D

seriously though, never heard of none of these guys

equal attention to the women ehhh

Well I don't follow hockey close enough but it's about winning a Gold Medal, just like a Grey Cup or a World Championship, not about the best players. Sure, ratings aren't going to be as good if it's not deemed "the best" because the average person sees the Olympics as nothing but "the best" but I don't care.

Pro sports has just become too dominant in this world IMHO. Money.

Anyways all the best to Canada's team, I know they will try their hearts out on the ice and won't be thinking when they are playing games that the ratings won't be as good or that not a lot of Canadians won't know who they are. They are athletes trying to compete for a gold medal for their nation and they deserve our utmost respect if you care about this stuff called the Olympics, and that is a different discussion.

Most of these guys are playing in the KHL, and I see a few names who played Jr. in the WHL... Brule ( Vancouver Giants), Vey (Medicine Hat Tigers) and Howden (Moose Jaw Warriors). Howden even played for Canada at the World Jrs, in 2011 and 2012. A few of these guys played in the most recent Spengler Cup, won by Canada. It should be a wide open tournament, anyone can win. I think that should make some great hockey, or at least I hope so. As FYB pointed out, the women's tournament might be the sport to watch this time around.

I think both should be great as long as Canada is competitive.

One of the few names I recognise on that list is Derek Roy from his playing days with the Buffalo Sabres where he once scored 81 pts in a season . Roy later bounced around with 4 or 5 other teams after leaving Buffalo before signing on in the KHL where he still currently plays .

I also recognise goalie Ben Scrivens who had stints in the NHL with the Leafs , Kings , Oilers and Canadiens . Scrivens like Roy is also currently playing in the KHL with the Minsk Dynamos .

Most of the forwards have played in the NHL for a considerable period of time. The D... not so much.

Does it really matter?

It can be spun all sorts of ways.

One way : You could say a career in the NHL shows a higher level of upside and pedigree.

I think Canada will do well at the Olympics with this team.

Not a big hockey fan. Or Olympics.

I do like the Mens World Hockey in the Spring.

However, I am glad the NHL is out of the Olympics.

Should never been allowed.

Olympics are not for paid pros.

Let the kids have their shot.

I hate to break it to you, but I can guarantee that all of these guys are paid pros, just not NHL paid pros... a lot of them are in the KHL, or in other Euro pro leagues.

Exactly! Summer Olympics Track and Field athletes can make $50,000 or more from just one single event over in Europe. And the track and field stars can earn a TON from endorsements. Usain Bolt earned over $20 million in 2012. Skiers can make several hundred thousand in prize money plus much more from endorsements. Figure skaters can do quite well too if successful. Yuna Kim hasa net worth of over $14 million from all the money she's made in prize money - but mainly in endorsements.

Same with most other winter sports where even ski jumpers can earn 6 figures in prize money and more than that in endorsements.

So why shouldn't it be the same for other sports like hockey. Where some of the best in the sport are at the Olympics.

Oh, you are one of those that consider the Euro leagues as pro.

There is only 1 league that is pro NHL.

Nobody cares about KHL.

The others are just minor leagues.

My point is I am glad the NHLers are out.

Any league that pays its players to play is a pro league, wether its the KHL, NHL, AHL or otherwise... some in the K are making just as much as they would if they were in the NHL, and in some cases more, why do you think Jagr went there for a few seasons? Kovalchuk is still there, and is paid quite well for his services. Make no mistake, its a pro league.

NCAA is a pro league for what they play players for a full scholarship et al. over 4 seasons or so. IMHO. Probably more money than some CFL players truth be told.

Paid means pro. By definition.

What I am saying the other leagues do not matter.

Who is the best team in the KHL ?

Dynamo , Red Army, Spartak, do not know or care.

Whoever the KHL champion is , would not even make the NHL play offs.

Again, I am just glad the NHL is out of the Olympics.

Young kids are gonna get a shot.

That is what is important.

The team is no younger than it would have been if NHL players were allowed to play.

The Las Vegas Boogie Nights AHL team is first in the west conference of the NHL I am sure the KHL champs would hold their own in the watered down version of the 2017 - 2018 NHL . I am sure some Swedish elite League teams as well would do alright in todays NHL .

It is perhaps the oldest team Canada has ever assembled