Canada literally steals one at the Hlinka Gretzky Cup.

Canada scored when the clock said 0:00 to tie it.

Canada wins in O.T.

That's a shame. :slight_smile:

It's never a shame when Canada wins.

August is not for hockey. We have too much hockey now.

Which Canadian trained Euro team did we manage to beat ?

I had watched about 1 minute of a previous Canada game and could just not get into it.

Canada had some pretty bad goal tending in the controversial game. Look at the results with a goaltending change. Like a Canadian team hasn't been "robbed" before? You know the tournament and whatever its limitations may be when you enter into it. Canada has completely dominated that tournament and could afford to loose the next ten in a row and still be the dominant team.

what he said. unless we cheat or play/coach dirty