Canada Junior Win Gold

Congratulations to the Canadian Men Juniors defeating Russia 4-3 for the Gold medal.
Down 3-1 in the third and coming back.

Well done.

Congrats to team Canada. Russia beat them 6-0 in the round robin so the comeback was extra sweet.

Team did catch a break bear the end while being shorthanded, puck goes over the glass from their end and hit the TSN camera, nullifying what would have been a 2 man disadvantage.

Either way, we get to defend on home ice next year in Edmonton and Red Deer.

Must confess they had me worried for a spell at 3-1, but showed their spunk with a nice comeback. Haydon very impressive, as was Hofer. Mark Hunter seems to be one of those coaches who wills his team to excel, regardless of circumstances.

Always nice to beat the Ruskies, especially with a come from behind win!

Think you may mean Dale who is the HC.
Mark, who is Dale’s brother, is the GM.

Yay for Team Canada! And yay for Coach Dale Hunter of the London Knights!


Great tourney this year. Literally almost anyone could have won it. Makes winning it in the end that much sweeter. Group B was fantastic with anyone being capable of beating anyone else.
This tournament needs more of this.

No more 13-0 cakewalks against the weaker sisters anymore.

Great Job by these young guys.
Get thumped and change goalies, dealt with injuries and suspensions and then role through the rest of the tournament.

Congrats to the junior team.

Right you are. Thank you!