Canada hat

Where can I get my hands on one of those Canada cfl hats?

The Ti-Cat Canada hat?

If it’s the one below, I can’t find it in the online store, but as the banner below says, available in the Tiger-Cats Shop and select gameday locations in the stadium. Described as “Limited Edition 2019 New Era Canada Day Collection”. Picture below doesn’t show, but there’s a large “regular color” Ticats logo on the underside of the brim:

yes, that was the hat I bought last night.

nice hat.

had to go to the East Concourse to purchase it, as the hat was all sold out on the West side Concourse.

I would call the cats shop and see if they have any left.

How much?

$45 after tax

Wow. Pricey for a hat. :o

Yeah. The black and gold version is 50 at the store. I’ve paid 40 for a well stitched one, but 50 has me hesitating for sure! Either that or I’ve hit the saturation point on the amount of hats I need!

I was due for a new hat.

I had the all white ticat hat, my favourite hat so far actually, but it didn’t “weather well”. All white is a tough colour.

I bought mine at the beginning of the game in the main store on Friday, and when I went back to the store before halftime they were all sold out. No idea if they are selling online, but as other poster said I’d call the store and see if they’re re-stocking them. Unfortunately they may not if it’s actually “limited edition” as they are advertising… Good luck though!

The last Canada Day hat, the black one with the Red Canadian Flag on the front, and Ti-Cat on the side, was not re-released.

That hat was far superior to this Canada Day’s released hat, but we only get a new one every few years so…

Ud think they would keep hot merch around