Canada for Moreno

Obie has finally cracked!!!

...Canada is refusing to report to the Cats...Moreno has agreed to report to the Bombers....the situation with Canada is being worked out by the league ... :roll: :roll:

Answer to the first quest is " YES".

I’ve been as big a Tom Canada fan as any but honestly I don’t have a problem with this trade. We need a middle linebacker and Tom Canada has been taking dumb penalties at bad times all year.

The bombers also sign Kai Ellis, recently cut from the Als due to SMS.

This would be a bad deal for the Cats.

How can he refuse? What's his options in this scenario? If he's been traded to Hamilton, he plays there, or he doesn't play at all right? Is he quitting rather than play for the Cats? Pretty stupid imo.

His word, "Now I've got to decide whether to retire or report to Hamilton"

Hopefully this deal is conditional on his reporting... and STAYING!!

Poor Canada,from one crappy playing team to an absolutely crappy team,with no hope.Go riders :twisted:

Interesting each player going from 2-8 team to the other 2-8 team. I think Winnipeg gets the best player, so they win the trade. So one wonders if that makes Barrin Simpson a free agent or trade bait.

I assume it would have to be, no?

It seems the league is stepping in and trying to work something out... but with comments like...

"It looks like they're getting rid of me, man," Canada told The Free Press. "It's Hamilton, but as of this point I'm refusing the trade because I've got better things to do than go to Hamilton and lose more games.

how can anything be worked out...and we don't want him anyway, but alas we have no say!

...could be that Tommy won't even get a chance to warm the bench before he heads out of town....I think obie might be working on other deals....that 'could' include Canada...

Canada is a loser if he wont report just because of losing.

Canada… the biggest crybaby in the league.

Canada stated this evening that he did not want to play in Hamilton. He also stated that he spoke to friends and family. He further stated he would be going back to California to surf. I think if I had the choice, California sounds a lot more fun than Hamilton.

Yeah, that's the kind of guy you want on your team, all right...used to think Canada would be one I'd not mind having on the Riders (as if I even get a vote in the matter), but with the "take my ball and go home" attitude, I think I'd change my mind...providing this is all accurate, of course...

Yeah it's accurate, the dude is just pretty upset because he's blue and gold through and through, understands it's a business, but doesn't know if he wants to start over in new city. We'll see it was on the radio he sounded pretty emotional.

Where does that put Moreno? If Canada refuses to report, would that make the trade null and void?

According to Doug Berry Zeke Moreno would still end up in Winnipeg due to contract law. He also added if that was the case Winnipeg would have a moral obligation (but not legal) to compensate Hamilton in some way.

He was adamant that Moreno would be coming to Winnipeg.