Canada dominates the NFL juniors!/Happy Aussie Day!


Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 09:00AM

Will take on U.S. in final of NFL Global Junior Championships X

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Canada will defend its title in the final of the NFL Global Junior Championships in Pontiac, Michigan.

Canada not only won all four of its games -- which consist of two seven-minute halves -- but didn't give up a point. The squad takes on the U.S. in Sunday's final.

The Canadian team is coached by Edmonton Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia, who led the juniors to last year's championship.

Canada 7 Japan 0

Canada opened the defence of it’s title with a narrow victory over Japan.

Japan moved the ball steadily downfield on its first possession, but stalled at the Canadian 30-yard line on fourth down.

Canada’s response, aided by a 15-yard late hit on quarterback Bruno Prud’homme, was swift. Receiver Josh Boden broke three tackles on a 24-yard reception to take the ball to within four yards of the Japanese end zone. On second and one running back Tim Cronk punched in the first touchdown of the game with 45 seconds remaining in the first half. Christopher Milo’s extra point earned Canada 7-0 lead, capping an eight-play, 67-yard drive.

Japan tried valiantly to pull level before halftime. A quick pass from Takuya Yamashiro to receiver Hiroshi Kimura and a scramble for a first down by the quarterback brought the ball to midfield.

Yamashiro’s bomb as time expired drew a pass interference call and gave Japan one more shot at tying the game, but defensive back Julien Hamel came up with an interception at his own 19-yard line.

Canada 13 Mexico 0

Canada QB Marc-Oliver Brouillette opened the Canadian scoring as he found wide receiver Josh Boden for a 27-yard touchdown strike to make the score 6-0. Following a Milo Christopher extra point to give Canada a 7-0 lead, Mexico went three-and-out and Brouillette and the Canadian offence went back to work with 2:21 remaining in the first half.

Six plays later, Team Canada drove down to the Mexico 8-yard line to setup a Christopher 18-yard field goal to give Canada a 10-0 halftime advantage.

In the second half, Team Mexico drove to the Canada 28-yard line on its opening second half drive as receiver Mauricio Jordan Valdez took a reverse pitch from quarterback Oscar Cruz Campos and hit Joseph Holguin Soto for 59 yards.

The drive ended two plays later as Campus was picked off by Canada defensive back Olivier Turcotte Létourneau, who returned the interception 46 yards to the Mexico 44-yard line.

Team Canada capitalized on the turnover seven plays later as Christopher connected on his second field of the day, this time from 17-yards out.

Canada 21 USA 0

Canada’s defence turned in a dominating performance against USA, who could only put up 26 net yards of offence. Their performance improve their record to 3-0, defeating USA 21-0.

Canada received the opening kickoff and returned it to midfield setting up great field position. They only needed four plays to get into the end zone when receiver Josh Boden jumped over two USA defenders to haul in a 30-yard pass from quarterback Marc-Olivier Brouillette.

One the ensuing possession, Canada defensive back Jonathan Laliberte recovered a fumble by USA quarterback Sam Miller (Ottawa Hills) at the USA 14-yard line. Canada was able to extend their lead to 14-0 in when running back Samuel Fournier ran for four yards into the end zone.

USA responded with a eight play drive that led them to the Canada 44-yardline before Canada defensive back Olivier Turcotte Letourneau intercepted a Miller pass at the 2-yard line and returned it to the Canada 25-yard line. Canada was unable to put any more points on the board before halftime.

To begin the second half, Canada’s defence forced USA into a three-and-out. Canada running backs Samuel Fournier and Matt Henry took control of the game leading a eight-play 60-yard scoring drive that took over three minutes off of the clock. Henry finished the drive when he ran the ball in from the 13-yard line.

USA was unable to answer on the following drive and Canada was able to run the clock out on their way to a 21-0 victory.

Canada 21 Germany 0

Already assured of a Championship Game berth on Sunday, Canada closed the first round without conceding a point in four games with a 21-0 win over Germany.

Canada came out the blocks firing with a 56-yard kickoff return from Matt Henry to the Germany 34-yard line. Corey Greenaway took a hand off 13 yards and then rushed 12 yards for a touchdown and a quick 6-0 lead, which was extended by Christopher Milo’s extra point.

Germany ate time off the clock in reply, but only gained 28 yards on seven plays and were forced to punt. Despite a holding penalty knocking ten yards off the end of a 30-yard Bruno Prud’homme to Karl McCartney pass, Canada drove towards the field goal range of strong-legged kicker Milo.

But German free safety Paul Mehling came up with an interception at the four-yard line to halt Canada. Germany was unable to capitalize as time ran out in the first half.

Canada added another score as Matt Henry sprinted 39-yards for the longest touchdown of the day and Tim Cronk rushed seven yards up the middle and Milo tagged on the extra point for a decisive 21-point advantage.

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Canada will win their thrid tittle this year, no doubt! US may have to chage it's puledge of allengence to "one nation UNDER CANADA"!!! :smiley:

This leaves no doubt in my mind that having a manitory Canadian QB on each team (under the import rule) is a great idea, and that a CFL team can beat and NFL one IMO.

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY EVERYONE!!!! time to celebate the discover of my home country!

This is me having some tucker with my mates!

Hopfully both nations will be celebating a Republic Day some day!

That Kid Josh Boden will be a CFL star soon. I watched him play against Okanagan Sun last year. This kid has good hands and speed. On the Lions site, they said that Wally had a look at him last year at training camp.

I'm sorry, I don't know what happened just then! I posted D God's article and all heck borke loose!

is the final gonna be on tv in canada?

I'll check that out, I would hope so.

if not, you guys have this.

[url=] ... =EZDefault[/url]

Found this, might help.

nice report, thanks KK !

And have an happy Aussie day mate !

Okay everyone knows I'am from the US but I'am routing for Canada. I just read off the NFL website that the players selected to play in this game are all from 11 counties in Northwest Ohio. Thats a friggen joke. I honestly believe Canada will win by at least three touchdowns. I hope its not even close. The US team should be made up of the best the country has not of stiffs from Northwest Ohio. I know the reason they were selected is its close to there home, but at least go there to win. They should have taken a high school team from Miami to play and guaranteed they would blow this terrible Ohio team away. I also think its disrespectful to to Canada, Mexico, Japan to put an Ohio only team out there why not let the all the countries play against our best team. I' am so mad after reading this i think I' am going to contact the NFL about this.

Thanks Kanga you ruined my day, well not that bad I'am gong to the Bruins tonight :frowning: .

Say this Josh Boden picks apart this Ohio team, he will get no respect for it because he only played an Ohio team, not even an Ohio team a Northwest Ohio team. That sucks for him, he should be able to go against the best American players and if he has a good game he can get recognition from college, NFL, and CFL scouts. I'am sure he wants to see where he's at as a player. I put myself in that position if i was an american playing a canadian hockey all star team i would want to face the best.

Hey, Josh Boden may be ordinary when he plays against "World Class" players...Who knows????? I only based my observation on how he played against Okanagan in a Junior game last year. Theres just something about this kid that made him standout in that game. I hope he really excels and impresses someone(s).

I agree, but don't let that weark your day, pete, the US team almost lost out on 2nd place, and if I was planing the team next year, I would rearm the team with talent all over the US. If not, the something is wrong.

but Happy Aussie Day!!!

BTW, I don't like the unifroms (do they always play in their "away" unifroms?) colors (look like Calgary), but I can't think of anything better unless they go to just Red and White.

(if their is ever a CFL all star game, I believe the colors of the East unifroms should be Blue and White with the regular CFL helmets and the West should be Green and White with the regular helmets)

Silly question guys, but if this team had to come up with a nickname, which nickname do you think it should be?

So anybody got a name?

How about the Canadians??? and the US team be the Americans???

so this Sunday, you have the Canadians Vs. the Americans??? (like in the NHL LONG AGO!!! and the Canadians works with the Team Canada being the "Maple Leafs" and the Rugby club being the "Canucks")

Mexico can be the Amigos, Japan can be the "Rising Sun", Europe (Germany) can be the Claymores. or something.

told you this was gonna be silly. I'm gonna pay for this later, I know it. :oops:

and for my Canadian buddies, as a showing of Australian-Canadian brothership, your Canadian Flag:

and your future flag if and/or when Alaska and St. Pierre and Miquelon join the confederation:

and for Quebec to stay with Canada:

Claymores are Scottish, therefore Germans should get Zweihanders. Voyageurs or Trappers would be a good name for a Canadian team. They founded this country, explored it, made alliances with the natives, and kept invaders at bay. Of course, Mounties may be appropriate.

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY EVERYONE!!!! time to celebate the discover of my home country!
Kanga, Kanga, Kanga Not the discovery, not by a long shot - Cook 1st [of 3 visits] was when he sailed by from May 1770, landing in Botony Bay on 6th May 1770. Able Tasman landed in Tasmania 1st December 1642 And the Western Australian cost had been long known to the Dutch prior to 1642.

Yesterday - Jan 26th actually commemorates the founding of Sydney, after the 1st fleet abandoned Botony Bay, where they first landed on Jan 19 1788.
Australia Day, shoulb be celebrated on 1 Jan, the day the Comonwealth was established in 1901.

Jan 1st? wouldn't work, that's during the holiday season.

Plus it can be like Memorial Day for our aboriginal borthers.

JC, VD, CAN'T TWO AUSSIE CFL FANS AGREE ON ANYTHING??? geez, you make me wonder if Victoria separating from Australia arter being the only state to vote "yes" to Australia becoming a Republic wasn't sure a bad idea after all.

[url=] ... e_movement[/url]

anyway, if or when Australia becomes a Republic, I'm sure what ever day that will be will be, will be the new national holiday ("Republic Day") but Australia will allways celebate Australia Day and Jan 1st no matter what.

You know, I've noticed now that when I sign on, everybody signs off!

I had a stop watch and within 10 minutes of me signing on, I was the only person online!


I'm not disagreing with the new rule (except that there should be a least 0ne Canadian QB in the ative roster), I just wanna firgure out the active roster now, cuz I'm confused.

20 non imports, 18 imports, 4 QBs???

this is a stupid question, but a receiver that gets the ball in the end zone on a FG attempt or any for that matter, can kick the ball out of the end zone on a quick kick can't he?

I was watching the 1989 GC seen where the commentators suggest such a play. was that a punt or a quick kick they were talking about?

(I never got this question awesered, maybe I should ask the ref.)

1st) Isn't it ironic how a Canadian team beat up on other nations of the world playing by american rules???

2nd) Peter.....what may I ask do you have against Ohio High School Football players?? Have you ever been to a O.H.S.A.A game? Lived here? Met the people here? Talked to the kids here who play the game. Like myself?.

The state of Ohio is a Midwest powerhouse when it comes to High School Football, has been for years!
What do you base your statement on???

Good, i hope Canada wins, I'am routing for them. geo365 its nothing against Ohio, its against the selection process. The reason i want Canada to win is the whole US should be represented. Last time i checked we do have 50 states. I agree Ohio has good talent, but to take only the best players from Northwest Ohio is a joke. At the minimum represent the whole state. And please don't call them team USA call them team Northwest OHIO, because thats what it is. As for the state of Ohio i love people from Ohio they after all got my president elected. A O way to go OHIO. I bet you the Canadians want to play against the best the US has, at least to see how they compare. If the best highschool players were from Northwest OHio then i wouldn't mind. This would benefit the Canadians the most they will be exposed to scouts, and might get offers from big time schools. Canadians if they play NCAA football are ususally playing second rate schools, like the MACC, that probably offended you too because the MACC is mostly in OHIO. Remember Nick Kaczur, he should have played for a Ohio State, Florida, USC, instead of Toledo. The top 50 college prospects probably from or should be in the game. That game would have so much attention watching guys that committed to big time schools out there playing for there country. This game is a joke.

My prediction US 0 Canada 28. Night night Northwest Ohio. Maybe this will wake the up.

Again you didn't answer my question! You say the best american players should be represented!! I AGREE!!!!!! But as usual, you don't back it up!! If not from Ohio then where dear Peter????