Canada Cup 2022 Schedule

Here's a link to the schedule for this summer's Canada Cup being held in Kelowna July 11-17.


Just for fun, here's the 2019 gold medal game:

Can Saskatchewan finally defend the gold?

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never heard of this before... is this like all star HS players making up for their providence or is it University players of those providences making up the team

It's for high school students entering grade 12 in September. I'm hoping there will be some live streams. Saskatchewan and Quebec are the 1 and 2 seeds, respectively.

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wow do I feel old.. When I was in high school back in early 2000's we never had this so this must have been something new that they have added

Apparently, it started in 1995. But I only first heard of it in 2019 or so. There are some Youtube videos of games going back to 2016 or 2015. Hopefully the profile of the event can grow. It'd be nice to see some sort of CFL presence at the tournament.

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