Canada, CFL and NFL country

OK, so you guys don't think there's anything wrong with the Argos averaging 26,374 fans this season, but you're criticizing the NFL for bringing in 52,134 fans for the Bills/Dolphins game?

Can you say biased? I'm sorry, guys, but that's just dumb.

Absolutely no comparison between the two.
One is a year long tenant and the other is a boring one off situation which has been papering the house for every No Fun league game.

They sold more than 42,000 for the pre-season game, and I wouldn't be surprised if they sell more than 40,000 for the upcoming game. You can come up with all the excuses you like. Fact remains, the anti-NFL crap that gets posted on this forum is exactly that. :wink:

I'm not anti-NFL, but the fact is Rogers was expecting to sell 40,000 5 year packages right up front at the beginning of the series and they only sold about 8,000. Yes prices were high but still it's the "mighty NFL." That's just the facts Chief, they are selling year by year now and this isn't something they anticipated as having to happen, IMHO. They are scrambling to fill the place, and again that's a fact.

Maybe they are scrambling to fill the place, but at least they are. And what gets me is why do so many of you even care? :expressionless:

I haven't heard anything about 42,000 sold, if you believe that well then there is property on sale for you in the Everglades.
Also, they are promoting the heck out of this game in Toronto for the last several months, plus they had to drop the ticket prices on order from the No Fun League and still nothing.

And you believe there were 28,000 people at the Argos game yesterday? Please. Don't be so naive. And no kidding they had to lower the prices. The average ticket was $193. That was just stupidity on their part.

Keep the Bills in Buffalo or move them to a new stadium in Roschester, NY but still call them the Buffalo Bills. I don't mind having them play a game or two in Toronto after the Argos are done, or having pre season games in TO, maybe even having the Super Bowl there one time (not likly), but no NFL team in Toronto, the parliment should pass a bill to this fact.

we dont want the NFL to have any teams in Canada, peroid. :twisted:

Hey, don't get me wrong, I don't want a NFL team in Canada, either, and I'm a big NFL fan. But I'm not going to come on here and rag on the NFL constantly like some of the other posters. It gets a little old after a while.

Yes actually there were as I was there.
In fact, there were more than that in attendance and I did speak to my season ticket rep at the game who told me more than 30,000 seats were occupied with 28,000+ actually sold.

fair enough, we should stop worrying about them, and improve our game.

and we should imho lobby parliment to pass a law banning any NFL team from relocating to Canada.


Yes that legislation was once drafted by the Feds years ago.

Considering how the NFL has handled its rivals by the pass, we must be very naive to believe that the two sports can live together in Canada. The NFL is a business without a heart, very thirsty for power and money his true goal is domination. The two types of football should not cross the borders. This article is a trap, do not be naive! Our football is unique, a real treasure and it is essential to keep it this way. It is O.K. to like the NFL, but look the game on television.

NFL conspiracy?

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What really impresses me about Toronto with this last game is that there is a solid core of fans there, true fans not come as by lately give away "NFL" fans getting in basically on the cheap for the NFL, is that in Toronto people are realizing just what an honour it is being the national champions of Canadian football and getting your name on the Grey Cup. Yes, you need good ownership and C & S have shown they are excellent albeit timid owners at that with the Braley deal, but still. In the end, the Grey Cup and national champs title lives on in perpetuity for football in Canada, regardless if in some years in the past the Grey Cup has had problems selling out. The Grey Cup, in and of itself, transcends the CFL, regardless of what happens to the CFL the Grey Cup championship will live on even if no one attends a game between say the CIS and junior champs, not that this will ever happen. A one off NFL game in Toronto, or even just one NFL team in Toronto, will never be what the Grey Cup is, CFL or no CFL.

we should change what needs changing, and push it though to become law! :thup:

Have you seen how much the CFL gets put down on EVERY other football/sports forum?? At least here CFL fans can return the favour and generally not have to worry about contesting it.

Look at the "Your Call" comments on almost any CFL article on You're bound to find at least a couple of "CFL sucks" or "Nobody cares about the CFL" posts. Do you see anything like that with NFL stories?

Also, when comparing ticket sales for the Bills game and for Argos games, there are two critical things to keep in mind: One is that the Bills game is only once per year, the other is that there are doubtless tons of fans coming from Buffalo for the game. In fact, there are likely tons of fans making the trip from almost anywhere in that vicinity for it - since it is only once a year.

The Grey Cup always sells lots of tickets right away, at prices comparable to the tickets to the Bills game. Again - it's a once-a-year thing. I always travel to the Grey Cup game but unfortunately, I can't go to any Stamps away games other than those in Edmonton - I just don't have the time or money.

and we should imho lobby parliment to pass a law banning any NFL team from relocating to Canada.
It was called the Canadian Football Act, and was drafted by Marc Lalonde in 1974 in response to John Bassett's intention to place the Toronto Northmen of the World Football League in Exhibition Stadium. The Act would have forbid any team in a US-based league from locating in Canada, and also would have restricted the number of imports per CFL team to 16 in the first year of operation, and to 15 or 40% of the roster in the second year. The legislation was never passed, as Bassett took the hint and moved his team to Memphis as the Southmen. BTW, the original American Football League was to have included a team in Vancouver in 1959 or 60. Don't know how far this idea got, but the team never played in Vancouver; I think they wound up in Denver.

So that means we should sink to there level, CanucKev?

Actually if you start looking at the comments in the nfl news things there you will see I have branched out.