Canada, CFL and NFL country

Good article in The Sun, one of the few I've read bringing together both the CFL and NFL together and doing it with an NFL article, nice job Steve Simmons! And with the Argos a very bad team, and CFL bashing an easy topic in Toronto, this is good stuff I say by Simmons. The fact is, like it or not, the Bills in Toronto series is going to last the 5 years it looks like so make the best of it, Bills players are getting out in the community and that is good and they deserve no blame at all for whatever IMHO.

Toronto catching Bills fever
[i]But the evidence from both marketers and television people is clear: Toronto, and to a greater extent the rest of Canada, is football country — CFL country and NFL country.

The Monday Night game with Brett Favre playing the Green Bay Packers did more than a million viewers on TSN as have a number of CFL games this season.[/i] ...

I dont buy or fall for this crap. This guys giving us a hug and stealing our wallet at the same time.

I disagree Bobby, he's a writer, he doesn't gain much, he's just writing. I think it's a positive football article. You have to remember Steve Simmons lives in Toronto area and the Bills are there, it's his job to cover the games, don't blame him for the Bills being there, that was a Ted Rogers/Ralph Wilson deal. It is what it is now.

Anyways, forgot the link to the article:

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Everyone kinda gets the hint that the Bills are on the move, sooner or later, so Toronto could be the place to move the franchise! LA is another possibility, as the NFL still wants to get a team back there, but Toronto is big enough to possibly handle an NFL team! Torontonians always feel their too big for Canada anyway, and they have always been crazy about the NFL! The only thing is, if the owner does want to shell out enough bucks to get some talent, they could be a team like the Blue Jays who are always doormats and lose fanbase!

Why would Toronto want the Bills? The Leafs suck. The Argos suck (right now). The Blue Jays haven't made the playoffs since winning the WS back in 93. Does Toronto really need another crap team? I think not. :lol:

Not sure why they mentioned the CFL, the article should of been titled "Survey: Bills the Most Popular NFL team in Toronto!". The NFL promoters couldn't of written it any better, according to Montgomery.

Actually Toronto isn't football country. U.S. shows like American Idol draw over 3 million Canadian viewers in primetime, dwarfing the MNF numbers, or even the CFL's... :roll:

That's the thing I liked about the article Xv, Steve did mention the CFL and in a positive light in an NFL article and in a year the Argos truly havent' provided a lot of entertainment to people in Toronto.

Torontonians wouldn't know what to do with a good team. :wink:

Did it really say this or is this a typo??

S.S. has been bashing the the CFL, for Years . It would be nice to read him if he wasn't so condescending to the CFL. Albeit S.S. did lighten his anti CFL rhetoric after " Old Shaky "Jim Hunt Passed away.

BTW, I emailed SS and mentioned I liked the article and he replied "appreciate that". For the record.

Canada is a CFL country.

The NFl is an afterthought except in Tawranna, a city which will never get a NFL team and one that is only a hockey city! There will be an NHL team in Toronto before an NFL team.

Plus it's funny how 2 years ago we were all talking about how the Bills will relocate to Toronto and how the CFL is going to die. No such talk anymore because it's obvious Toronto doesn't care all that much about the NFL.

this article is, as we call it out here in the wild west, hog wash. the bills game isnt sold out or anything. from what i have seen and read thus far about the bills in toronto... is that they are the once a year event you go to. and they still have trouble selling tickets. put that team full time in toronto, with NFL prices... forget about it. they will be like carolina, or detroit. all black outs.

my side note is this though- i love that even though toronto has only three wins, and bad two years in every area, that 25,000 fans are still comming to every game. if they start to win, we might see a real ressurection of cfl in toronto.

What is Steve Simmons smoking!!!!!!!!! They couldn't give-away 30000 tickets to make last years game look like a sell-out and so far this year they haven't sold as many tickets, so what make him think the Bills are soooooooo popular!!!

If the Leafs won a Stanley cup, by some sort of weird circumstances, the people in Toronto might leave the city in droves thinking the end of the world is about to happen!


I agree, Simmons for years has been bashing the CFL at every opportunity and now that it's evident how the wannabe US city Toronto does not have the crush on the NFL that he like many of his ilk have been "predicitng", well it's now ok to mention the CFL in the same breath.

You know, instead of ragging on the NFL (funny how you guys criticize these people for always ragging on the CFL, yet you guys do the exact same thing... hypocrites?), maybe you should worry about our own league. Have you looked at the stats for the Argos games? In their last 8 home games, they've failed to bring in more than 27,000 fans.

Not today I was one of many in excess of 28,500.
For a last place team two years in a row, the crowd size was great and frankly is surprising under these dreadfull circumstances. Our average this year is nearly 27,000.

Canada is big enough for CFL and NFL fans, just not for both leagues teams.

I agree that for the team the Argos have, the attendance has been great, all things considered. It's true though Rogers is having one heck of a time selling out for the Bills, now they are giving away lots of seats via the weather channel on a contest. They are desperate to fill the stadium for game next month. SS is trying to hype it while not bashing the CFL, what's wrong with that. I venture if he bashes the Bills, his job is gonzo with the clout Rogers has in the media biz.