when did argotom say this..please provide a quote....OH WAIT...he didnt.


exactly...he said 'CFL'...and perhaps people should read the post, not just misunderstand the title....he says usa and thier numerous teams of superstars are being upset by underdogs ( even used canada's olympic loss to the swiss as an example )....hes using this to show that its possible for a CFL team to beat some NFL teams, which most believe would never happen.

find a quote from argotom's 2 posts, where he says a football team canada would beat team usa's football team? ( but our juniors did beat them at football )

kanga one question how would we play an nfl team when both games are totally differnt? that was a stupid remark saying we would beat an NFL team cause we would get killed.

Great stuff Canada. And who says Canadians can only play hockey and curl at a decent level. Only morons and idiots say this.

Why does a meaningful discussion deteriorate into a mud slinging name calling contest. We have Steve-O who does not know his countries and quickly throws around the "moron" handle. Then there is Horus, of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please do not insult us when comparing the CFL-NFL to ringette vs hockey.
We constantly have this discussion of which league is better etc. Like the baseball game proved and previously in basketball and this years Olympics, in a one game event anything can happen. Generally speaking the so called "dream teams" end up being anything but that. Unable to play as a cohesive team and eventually loosing to a bunch of "no names". My posting states the obvious how the division between the two leagues is a lot closer then some are willing to admit.

not agaist the Cardinals (aka the Coyotes), that for sure, any team could beat them.

not inferiority, not reality, delusion and lack of imagination.

the problem though is that the canadian baseball team beating usa should not really be used to compare a cfl team beating an american team, cuz half of the cfl teams are americans.

omg, canada just lost to mexico. that means USA>>>MEXICO>>>CANADA>>>USA>>>MEXICO>>>CANADA...

that mean that USA has to beat s. africa and score a certain # of runs to advance. with the rocket on the mound, we should win though.

I think you would have to have a pretty wild imagination to think that even the cardinals would get beat by the Esks. Fitzgerald and Boldin are two of the best recievers in the league, they would light the esks db’s up. (or any CFL teams up). Actually the Cards are not even the worst team in the NFL.

I would call yours delusion and too much of an imagination

Why are the Cardinals "aka the Coyotes"???

I had a hunch Canada would lose to Mexico, after beating the States ...

Anyway, of COURSE a CFL team could beat an NFL team. In fact, it's happened before. First of all, anything could happen. Second, the "talent gap" is NOT that large between the two leagues. Throw in the different rules, the different strategies, and the fact that a CFL team would have nothing to lose, and it's very, very possible that a CFL team could beat an NFL team (again). It's ignorant to assume that a CFL team would never be able to beat an NFL team.

yah the Cards would beat the esks. they have that cat on whats his name Shipp or something i watched him a bit on the NFL sunday ticket he looks like he could bust through us pretty good. If any CFL team could beat any NFL team I think it would definately be the Texans, but still im not sure

Something told me that Canada would lose to Mexico. I definately think Canada is better than Mexico, but when you pull off an upset you tend to play down the next game. I not a basketball enthuist, but former Indiana U, and current Texas Tech coach Bob Knight talked about this in his book. I never realized til i read the book how often this occurs. It's almost automatic.

Another note i was listening to sports radio in the US and they were bashing Team USA for a lack of effort and having players on pitch counts. How do they expect to win if they're on pitch counts? Many of the hosts were happy to see Canada pull off the upset because they believe that the World Baseball Classic means more to Canadians than the Americans. I for one agree with them. Call me a turncoat, but when team USA basketball plays i love to see them lose, i hope they never win a game. It's probably because the NBA is a bore. They don't represent there country well.

Predictions Dominicans win, they want it the most and have the talent to do it. Canada is good i like there lineup of Matt Stairs, Morneau, and Koskie, but not enough pitching.

that was my new name for them on My Madden, I have moved the real Coyotes (Jets) back to WPG on my NHL game. Etc etc etc.

and Hamilton beat the Bills, a AFL team at the time, close but no cigar, at least not yet.

Well, the AFL and the NFL did merge ... they were two leagues on equal footing at the time, before the current version of the NFL. NFL teams were on the same level as AFL teams; when they merged, they kept the name NFL.

Why is it the various pro NFLers on this site can catagorically state, with no proof of course, how their vision is so much more clear then ours.
We, who love the CFL and believe how ours teams will and can beat any of "yours" do not have the benefit of propoganda on our side. Just reality and which can be supported by the analogy or the examples before us. Baseball, hockey, basketball etc.

I don't know about that Billy....You refer only to the Esks. What about the rest of the CFL??

For ANYONE to state that a CFL team would NEVER beat an nfl team is the one clearly living under a moss covered rock!!

so do you think that the eskimos could beat an nfl playoff team??? because i think that it would not even be close. the nfl team would blow out the cfl team. if you guys remember, americans that go to the cfl do not go because they want to, they go because they have to. they were not good enough for the nfl, so they had to go to canada. that should tell you something about the talent level right there.

Of course YOU would think that :roll:

at the time, in 1961, the teams weren't that great and the AFL was looked at as bush (only being around for one season), they latter got better thought and the rest is history.

but at the time, you had a almost 100 year CFL club Vs. the one year AFL champ club, you know that the AFL ones getting beat, and they defeat was so much an embarrassment that the AFL image was damaged and they (and the NFL) never played the CFL again. If that happened again today to the NFL, god o mighty, who the NFL look bad.

I want to see the play, and the CFL to win, but regarding the circumstances, it's not gonna happen, and that's a shame, but it does conform the a CFL team can beat an NFL one.

same is ture for a CFL team playing a team from NFLE, if the CFL lost, whole be a huge embarrassment.