Just hot off the presses Team Canada defeats the star studded USA team in World Baseball Classic 8-6. Now let’s see, the so called force US, have previously lost in World(Olympics) etc. basketball, and previously in baseball to Japan during the annual exhibition. They have lost in golf(not really a sport) and overall, are not the self proclaimed power in sport, despite the crap World Champion nonsense.
To those of you who maintain NFL this, NFL that, how the best league can’t be touched. In your face. In a team sport, a team will always beat the so called superstars. That’s why the CFL will beat the NFL any rules and that’s why precisely the NFL will never play. Because they are afraid and have too much to loose.

Football is different then baseball. In football a team can consistently pick on a team's weakest players, in baseball you can't. Football is more of a team sport then baseball and therefore involves more of a team effort.

But it is great that we beat the Americans at baseball. Too bad for the six run inning for the Americans or we might have had a chance at invoking the mercy rule.

Roughy that's precisely my point. The sum of all of the parts working together will dominate individual stars playing on their own agenda. What better example then the recently finished Olympics. The Swiss of all teams beating up and dominating our team of slow individual stars and wait, playing on a bigger surface. Exactly the CFL field vs NFL size.
For me it's clear cut how the world is a global village. No longer can Americans dominate a particular sport. Other nations have figured them out, with a hard working team concept beating the primadonna "I'm the best mentality".

This year is full of upsets. Canada is on the top I think, but they were supposed to be on the bottom.

Sportyguy...what about hockey?

And actually, the Canadian junior teams consistenly outplay the Americans at the World Junior Championships before each Super Bowl. You're kinda out of date there.

Argotom: They're Swedes, not Swiss (moron) and they mostly play in the NHL also. Rink size doesn't have anything to do with it - it's the cohesiveness of the team (something the Canadians and Americans obviously failed at).

i think Argotom was refering to the swiss defeating canada, not the swedes winning the gold…and the swiss didn’t have many , if any, players from the NHL…too quick with the insults?

first off, i am here to give canada their props. you guys beat us, and your players showed true love for their country. now, saying that, i believe that it would have been a closer game if many cocky american players(like berry juice-box bonds) would have played to support their country, and the outcome may have been different. of course, money rules the world of most athletes today, and that is what it has come down to. $$$>>>pride for your country. that said, great game canada, you beat us in our beloved baseball, and i just hope we get to meet you again in the finals and there is a different outcome.

but to say that the cfl is better than the nfl is not quite right. im sure if you get the new england patriots or the colts(only the americans), and put them up against canada's all star team, the colts or pats would win, because they are a team. that is the problem with american basketball. too many stars, and not enough team work. those guys over in eastern europe play together for years, and we just through together a team of allstars. what we should do from now on is bring the reigning nba champs(only the americans, of course) and have them play. that a way the teamwork is there and they chemistry. canada should do that in hockey too.

Good posts Sooner...

This thread is based on faulty logic though. Canada beating the US in baseball is certainly an upset. This however, does not translate into CFL players/teams beating NFL players/teams. Half of the roster of a CFL is team is composed of American-born players. Even if you were to create an "All-Canadian" Team Canada of Football, I'd bet that most of that roster would be made up of Canadians playing in the NFL. Would/Could they beat an all-star American player team? Maybe 1 in a 100 times.

Baseball is inherently different from other sports in that 1 player can significantly affect the outcome of the game...the pitcher. I'm watching a replay of the game now, and P Adam Loewen just dominated out there today. Would it happen again? Maybe, maybe not.

argotom isnt sayin a team canada football team would beat a team america football team....hes just sayin its more of a possibility that a CFL team could beat an NFL team than people think....and i agree.

i think the eskimos could beat atleast 6 NFL teams without a doubt....

but, nearly half of there team is american. take them away, and they could not.

thats not the argument argotom was making tho.....obviously u take away the americans off the eskies, they cant win...cuz theyd only have half a roster.

argotom is simply saying this...
most think any NFL team could beat the top CFL team any day of the week.....which is how people think when lookin at americas national teams, like 'usa basketball has too many superstars to ever lose'....but USA loses and so do many favorites that are 'never gonna lose'...

so if so many favorites lose, its possible a CFL team could beat afew NFL teams....u dont agree?

But today's game only proves that one team could beat another favoured team IN THE SAME GAME

Which still doesn't explain the NFL-CFL comparison. It's not the same game and they would have no reason to play each other in the first place. It's like putting a ringette team against a hockey team. To the casual observer, they seem to play the same game, but it's not

oh no, i agree that the eskimos could beat 4,5, possibly even 6 nfl teams, but it all depends on what rules. i was just kinda going on with the country all stars. but as a team, i do believe that the eskimos could beat some nfl teams(san fran for example.)

Oh my god! Drumming god got soonerfan to finally agree to something positive about the CFL, I take my hat off to you..and soonerfan, it is good to see that you are a man/woman with reasoning abilities...

Golf is great! and that is great news, I think a Canadian team could beat out the NFL, anything is possible!!! and Hockey has gone down the drain IMO.

They have lost in golf(not really a sport)
hahaha. 2 words for ya buddy. tiger woods. did you here what that canadian said about him and how he could beat him because of the way he was shooting?? tiger woods wooped his @ss. so dont say that we are sucking in golf. we got tiger, mickelson, and a handful of other wonderful golfers.

I don't think the esks could beat one single NFL team. I'm sorry but thats what I think. I don't think the Esks would get more then 10 points against any NFL team, unless they were lucky and maybe got an interception return or something.

I know I am gonna get yelled at for this, but seriously, The people they have on defence down there would beat Edmonton (or any CFL team for that matter) pretty bad.

Don't call it a inferiority thing or anything like that, just call it reality.

I'am not surprised that Canada beat the Americans i said a few weeks ago on this message board that it would be tough for Canada to beat the US in baseball, but not impossible. Football is polar opposite than baseball, in baseball all you have to do is have great pitching to win. Look the Marlins a few years back beat the Yankees because of pitching. Football is more of a complete game and i think team Canada would have trouble at the QB position, by far the most important position on the field.

Argotom i think your getting ahead of yourself when you say team Canada football team could beat team America. Half the great CFlers are americans. This is not a world championship mentallity, its fact. Just like Canadians even though they didn't metal are the best hockey players. Team Canada's baseball team is good team and i think most of the teams are underestimating them, i knew not too. US doesn't have the best baseball players, latinos are superior in baseball to americans. I don't know what you know about the Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans but they play baseball year round, americans don't except for South Florida and Arizona. The latinos are loaded with potential and the only way to get out of these poor countries is to make it to the major leagues. Most Americans play numerous sports that's what prevents us from being the best in most sports. I high school i played football, wrestled, and did track and field.

As for americans in this world baseball classic i think the Canadians could win it all, i think the Americans will lose again. Probably Canadians versus Domincans for the championship. Americans haven't put the effort in and deep down careless about winning. I honestly wished they put a college team USA out there i think they would play better than the pros because there not full of themselves and still have pride.

I meant I think Canada is in the top of the standings for the baseball tourny. And Canada losing in hockey is part of what I mean by a year of upsets.