Canada Basketball

What an amazing performance by our U19 National Basketball team winning the World Cup title this weekend. They upset the Americans in the semi-final and routed Italy by 19 in the final.

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Canada is producing more and more good basketball players. More high schools have great basketball programs and players - with many NCAA schools now actively scouting Canadian high schools games especially in the Toronto area. The coaching these kids are receiving is also better than ever.

It seems now that the Raptors have been around for about 22 years that their positive impacts on Canadian basketball are now bearing fruit. Their many coaching clinics and other programs aimed at helping develop young players in Canada. Plus the fact that watching players like Vince Carter inspired a bunch of kids in this country to get good at the game and it is really paying dividends these days.

Hopefully our MLS teams - with assistance from the new Canadian Soccer league and their academies have similar successes in developing better soccer players in the next decade or so.

Excellent performance as well by the boys. Both basdketball and soccer don't require much in the way of equipment and don't cost much for kids to participate in, besides much less risk of concussions compared with hockey and football. The future indeed seems bright for both sports in Canada.

Great, historic win for the country.
Basketball has made enormous strides the last few years and this is another step in the right direction. 2020, and perhaps especially the 2024 Olympics could be fun and should see Canada as a real medal threat.

Great job by everyone at Canada Basketball.