'Canada Awarded Pan Am Games' Thread

So, what is your gut telling you?

Of course, most of us want to see Southern Ontario host the Pan Am Games, however, I believe it's going to go to Lima, Peru.

My gut tells me its dinner tome. :lol: O yea, that and I'll be unhappy at the Pan Am vote result

Bogota, Colombia is going to win it ..

Will be 3rd in the voting

What’s this based upon?

Uhh Id imagine his gutt feeling?

exactly.........I'm glad at least someone noticed what I had typed in my pre-amble......


Absolutely nobody has an idea where these games are going to go. If you read any newspaper anywhere or internet articles the vote is leaning in Toronto's favour if anything.
According to todays article in the Spec Toronto and Bogota could have had Lima's bid thrown out but both parties accepted an apology from Lima's bid team and Lima is allowed to stay in the running.


Ouch eh... thought maybe you had read it somewhere, I've been following this and thought we had the upper edge.

I'm hoping we get it but politics can ruin everything.

Look what happened to Hamilton during the last 2 Commonwealth Games Bids?

For 2010... shafted on the international stage when the fix was in for New Delhi (now months behind in preparation and with poverty that makes our poorest look middle class, plus the ongoing violence and tensions with Pakistan).

For 2014... shafted on the national stage when the fix was in for Halifax, which later dropped out at the last minute when it was too late for Hamilton to re-submit (their original bid numbers didn't add up and oops, surprise... cost was twice as high as submitted).

No Chance are City politicians Blew it again ...The PAN AM board must be worried that Hamilton is more worried about downtown renewal then setting the stage for the PAN AM GAMES ... They have put forth too much effort in the downtown.
That will kill the PAN AM vote Hamiltons way ...

My gut tells me NO

My gut tells me when I get home tomorrow night from work, it’s a Friday night and time to crack open some brews, that way no matter what the decision is, I’ll be happy. 8)

I know, the Cats play at Ron Joyce Stadium at Mac, walked by it the other day, nice. Ok, it’s on the small side seating wise and has no big suites and that. But what about charging say $700 a seat per game with seat licences and that, hmmm, might be an idea. 8)

Good Luck Hamilton ! :rockin:

Taking a poll about our chances to host the Pan Am games based on
the random gut feelings of people on ticats .ca doesn't hold a candle

to the strong light radiating out from this point
mentioned in almost every article on this subject.

Toronto 2015 has been identified as the front-runner in the competition with Lima, Peru, and Bogota, Colombia.

And sources close to the bid suggest

the lobbying effort will yield between 32 and 34 votes,
well above the 27 votes needed to win the Pan Am bid.


Even before Lima stubbed their toe with an offer of free television
I have felt the Toronto 2015 Pan Am games bid will be the winner.

Let's get this vote out of the way and let's hear from Bob Young
and other corporate sponsors who we need to chip in $60 million

and get on with designing the final form of the Pan Am Stadium
that will be the home of the Hamilton Ticats in 2015 and beyond.

My gut tells me nothing.

Not worried about it one bit.

What happens, happens.

It is also in our favour that the last Pan-Am Games were in South America, and the next and one before last are/were in Spanish-speaking countries.

I started this thread going only on my "gut" about Peru ........but, now the President of the evaluation committee seems to be weighing in publicly about Lima, Peru.

Ironically, Bill Kelly of 900 CHML said this morning that he has a gut feeling that Lima, Peru will win the Games and suggests the "fix" may already be in........let's hope not !! :?

Less than 6 hours to go :cowboy:

(thanks to everyone for their thoughts and predictions)

[url=http://www.andina.com.pe/ingles/Noticia.aspx?id=0girclzzLu8=]http://www.andina.com.pe/ingles/Noticia ... irclzzLu8=[/url]

Lima meets conditions to host Pan Am Games, says PASO Evaluation Commission

By Jessica Barrios, special correspondent

Guadalajara, Nov. 05 (ANDINA)

Julio Cesar Maglione, President of the Pan American Sports Organization's (PASO) Evaluation Commission, said Thursday that the city of Lima meets the conditions and has shown great sporting spirit to host the 2015 Pan American Games.

"These conditions include the political and geographical spheres, the Villa Olímpica (Sports Villa) as well as health, transport and environment issues to be evaluated soon by PASO members prior to tomorrow’s decision," Maglione told Andina news agency.

Maglione, who is also president of Uruguay's Olympic Committee, recalled that in the 50s he visited Lima representing his country as a professional swimmer and has since seen its whole evolution.

"Each day this city makes greater progress and meets all the conditions, I hope it is chosen to host the Games," he added.
PASO members will soon evaluate the economic and infrastructure proposals submitted by Lima, Bogota and Toronto. The host city will be announced at the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico on November 6.

"This will be a very objective evaluation, there are cities that already meet the conditions to host the Olympic Games and others that should first host the Pan American Games to reach a great level," said Maglione.

In addition, the PASO official said that Lima has a sporting spirit shown by its Mayor Luis Castaneda Lossio and Peruvian ministers during their visit to Guadalajara.

In addition, the PASO official said that Lima has a sporting spirit shown by its Mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio and Peruvian Ministers who are currently attending the 47th General Assembly held in Guadalajara.

"The important thing is that the 42 PASO representatives cast their votes thinking what would be the best choice for," he said.


Also, Bill Kelly of CHML blogged today about his "feeling" that Lima, Peru is going to win: (let's hope both of us are totally wrong..........fingers and toes are crossed! :wink: )

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Blogs/BillKellysBlog/BlogEntry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10070024]http://www.900chml.com/Blogs/BillKellys ... D=10070024[/url]

Pan Am Decision Day

Posted 11/6/2009 6:33:00 AM

Well, today is the day. D Day, Decision day that is.
The day when the announcement will be made about who will host the 2015 Pan Am Games.
And , of course, we have a vested interest in the announcement. If the Toronto/Golden Horseshoe bid is successful, Hamilton will receive millions of dollars toward the construction of a new stadium, a new aquatic center at McMaster and some much-needed upgrades to Copps Coliseum .
In a time when cities are cash-starved for infrastructure dollars, this is an offer the City of Hamilton just couldn’t refuse.
Of course, we’ve been down this road before. A few years ago, thousands of us gathered at Copps for the final announcement of the Commonwealth Games bid and needless to say, it didn’t end well.
But all indications are that this bid has all the right stuff.
Non partisan observers, if there is such a thing, say that the Golden Horseshoe bid is the front runner.
But, in the ugly world of international sports, politics and backroom deals seem to rule the day.
Votes are often based on political alliances and more than a few stuffed brown envelopes have swung votes in unexpected directions.
Based on the merit of the bid, we should win. The Games would be a huge success in this area.
But, I have a nagging feeling that a subtle anti-North American bias may burst our balloon and Lima , Peru could come out on top.
I hope I’m wrong. I hope that the Games are awarded to the best bid.
But, history shows that’s not usually the case.

Posted By: Bill Kelly

To be honest, if it makes the most sense for world mankind to have Lima or another bid other than the GTA's win, so be it. We live in a country that the average person is so much more blessed than say Lima where I'm sure the average joe is struggling a lot more for the basics of health care, education and that. I am one that won't complain at all if we don't get it and as you know, I'm all for new athletics facilities and a new stadium. More important issues than that actually.

That's a good attitude to have Earl...........and I agree.

Canada has had the Pan Am games twice and Columbia once. So, if the goal is to lift up a nation by awarding the games, then Lima, Peru should get the games.

And here I thought it was supposed to be about athletics not to "lift up a nation" whatever that means.