Canada Anthem

Was nice to hear the canada anthem sung properly, instead of juicing it up by some pop singer.
That young girl did an excellent job. :thup: Maybe we should have students singing it.
Just a thought, do we have any songwriters on here that could wright a Tiger Cats song?
Cat office could run a contest for the best song. :rockin:

Totally agree! Best anthem in years!

Yes it was good :thup:

I was impressed. She did a great job. The last person changed it up so much that it was hard to sing along...It has a tune, quit changing it!

I was also surprised (but far from disappointed) that with a game against the team from Quebec, they had her sing the pure English lyrics. I would have thought that with the only "french" team, it would have been bilingual.

Enjoyed the anthem as well last game.
I thought the Labour Day anthem was good because everyone in my area joined in and made it an experience,honestly therefor I did not listen carefully .
Love the idea for a Ti-Cat song !
Would enjoy hearing a version also of the original Ti-Cat song as well ,not just the music but with some enthusiastic FANS ,maybe in a choir…just a thought ;0)… :cowboy: