Canada and the 2022 Olympics

That's a great looking team if the year was 2012 . :dizzy_face:

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Upon further reflection, it appears that you made this up. No?

Okay it looks to have been removed!
It was pretty good tho! :upside_down_face:

I wish I did!
I have no computer generating skills at all
Still a one finger typer!

You sound a lot like me then, though my one finger is getting pretty fast. I am not sure if you are saying that TSN had it on their website and removed it? I can find nothing on there. If that is the case maybe another glitch at TSN like the Ticat signings I was reading about.

Nah, it was somewhere on twitter!
That was the other post I screwed up on, thanks for pointing that out! :rofl:

While the hockey would have been "must watch" had the NHLer's been participating, I will still watch just the same. A chance for the non household names to be in the spotlight and show their talent.

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You got me Grover!

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Thanks Tony, Nice to know I'm not alone in my gullibility! :rofl: