Canada and the 2022 Olympics

A lot of blah blah blah in the article, but I like the title. I am all for Canada Boycotting.

About time.

Either that or somehow force the IOC to relocate the games from Beijing.

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Cool article .

With the covid 19 and civil unrests we are not getting the proper amount of news going on with this giant and human rights .

It doesn't help when global corporate giants are so heavily invested there and using that aspect to use our own greed for cheap goods against ourselves .


Didn't something like this happen in the 1980s? The Olympics were in Moscow and some group just organized an "alternate Olympics" for any country wishing to boycott the Moscow Olympics. Then it happened again in 1984, with some countries boycotting the Olympics in Los Angeles. Perhaps that is an option, but it does make both Olympics worse off.

In my view, to keep all of our winter athletes, who may not be young enough for the 2026 Olympics or otherwise unable to participate, out of the 2022 Games, there has to be some other alternate games, (holding the added bonus of nearly completely delegitimizing the Chinese-hosted Olympics) or there has to be legitimate fear for the people that we're sending's lives.

If China starts kicking out our American friends, or some other countries, out of their Games, then by all means join them and get out. Otherwise, I think that the Olympics should be above boycott.

Edit: Also, Canada's leadership is pretty tight with China, so I don't think that anything of that sort would ever happen.

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If it was tight, then the Huwai executive should have been released in exchange for the two Micheals.

Good on Canada for holding their ground. Challenging time for sure.

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I would say relationship is not tight, its more like constant pandering and butt kissing by certain politicians and businesses in this Country.

Unlike, China, as much as the PM may like to, I don't know if he has the authority legally to get involved. He may be able to influence, but legally not sure if he change it.

Boycotting China and China made products is a possibility if options are found especially as long as they keep the kidnapped Canadians prisoner. Not to mention the forgotten Canadian prisoner that was serving 20 years that around the same time, had his sentence moved to death penalty even without new evidence.

I don't support boycotting the Olympics. This hurts Canadian athletes. I would be recommending though that the athletes stay on Olympic grounds for their own safety and not to provide additional dollars to the government that holds Canadians hostage for no apparent reason.

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