Canada and Mexico officially eliminated from 2007 NFL game

Just reading this although I think I read a while ago that Toronto was off the radar for next year since they are hosting the Grey Cup.

As a season ticket holder, I would be upset to lose a regular season game. I wonder how the home town fans feel about 1 less home game?

As a Seahawks fan, I do not like it.

But I do understand and support the idea of expanding the game around the world.

I just think that at this point the preseason is probably still the best place for these games, but since it is to be set up on a rotation so that a team will only lose 1 home game every 32 years, I can live with it.

I can see preseason, but not regular season. Football teams don't have many home games and to take one away is a slap in the face to the teams fans.

Factor in Jet lag, even with a bye week, I don't like it for the regular season either.