Canada and Goodspeed will test free agency

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what teams will be willing to make these guys the highest paid players of their respected positions in the league? that is some heavy coin they are asking for.

Last year we saw a trend where some vets were let loose and not signed because the price tag was too high. These fellow are good but what will they settle for and with whom is the question.

You know, I wouldn't mind seeing them on the Eskies defence... but honestly, if the price is too much, no thanks.

ok all we need is goodspeed and armour and the eskies are right back in it!!!

I think O'Billovich is eying Canada, that's why Armour won't be re-signed

Somebody out there is going to get one or both of these guys at a pretty reasonable price, as long as all the GMs keep there heads on hm ET.

…do you think the Bombers are gonna allow Canada to drift over to an eastern rival…they’d break the bank before they’d allow that to happen…but then knowing Taman :roll: :roll: :wink:

wow this really makes me mad how taman is just sitting on his ass...

What makes people think the GMs aren't working to secure these players? We hear what the media wants us to hear - nothing more...Taman might be busting his ass, and getting no response...or he might be sitting on one but those involved directly with the negotiating know for sure, and even then, we don't hear every detail to the story...

...ah, the unrelenting enthusiasm of the blissfully gotta love it....

...corny, I'm going to do what I can to make it to OverlyHugewealth this and I need to watch a game together...I'll take your spare seat and convince your gf why she should really be a stamps fan...

Looking at the CFL rosters its quite apparent IMO which teams will want or need Canada and Goodspeed.
Cross BC off first, as good or probably better players at both positions.

Edmonton won't be after Canada now that they've picked up Perry. They have two good Canadian OT's. Don't see them going after Goodspeed, they need an import guard.

Calgary ? could be a dark horse in this. Garrick Jones is probably history, so Goodspeed would fit nicely for them. Canada would be a good fit at DE as well as they have lost Patrick to the NFL and Gargiulo return from injury may be questionable. But do they have the cap space to give these guys the 150,000 they are asking.

Forget either one going to Saskatchewan, Tillman would have to cut too many players.

Winnipeg might still be able to hold onto one or both. But Milt is back supposedly at a reduced rate, but how big a cut from 185,000, and Glenn is due for a big raise. Somehow I can't see Tamam holding unto both of the. Goodspeed might stay IMO.

The Argos wouldn't appear to be in this hunt. Canada isn't going to replace Jon Brown and Goodspeed isn't as good or any better then Pearson. So don't see any movement there.

Hamilton? I think we're getting warm here. Canada would fit the bill to improve the Ticats pass rush and I think they have the cap space to give him the asking price of 150,000.
Goodspeed would be an upgrade at LT for them as well but maybe not at his asking price.

I would think Montreal would be interested in both of these guys, but they have to be maxed out for cap space. Again they are like Edmonton with two veteran Canadian OT's and also have two young ones ready to step in. They need a guard IMO.

So when the smoke all clears I believe Canada will be in Hamilton and Goodspeed will stay in Winnipeg with a chance he could go to Calgary.
And as Scott Young of the old G & M used to say of his predictions, 995 right and 0

i agree, and like the sound of it!

....has the hammer really got dough and cap space after the big splurge on Casey....hmmmm sounds like the Peg is in better Glenn won't be asking or getting Printers money.....sooooo the two big fas might find no takers at all and stay put.....but like i said numerous times ..i've been wrong before... :wink: :roll:

I rather have Armour then Canada
Keith didnt play that bad…
Then Pick up Goodspeed at Tackle

i don't think Keith is being payed to much, what does it hurt to have 3 good DE's

Reports out of Winnipeg say, that Sheridan will re-sign with the Bombers. Taman has offered Canada similar money to Perry and Johnson and offered Goodspeed around $125K, but Goodspeed wants Murphy money around $150K.

Looks like Goodspeed could be moving on if that's the case, imo he would be worht $140K. I can't see anyone making Canada the highest paid DE in the league however, but you never know.

Curious to hear if bomber fans have been reading the Winnipeg Free Press? It sounds to me like they will have trouble signing any of their potential FA's.

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The best part of that article is maybe it will stop some of the whining from some Bomber fans about the Riders possibly being marginally over the cap last year:

Just do the math: as it stands today, the Bombers are over the CFL's $4.2 million cap. In Taman's words, "[b]we're sky-high over[/b]."
Chickens are coming to roost in Winnipeg....

If the Bombers are over the cap then every team in the CFL is over. Just start with the starting QB salary. Wpg is by FAR the lowest. About two star players worth. You can go player by player but unless their paying their water boy 200,000 a year than they should be below every other team in this league. I say lets start printing the salaries of every team so the fans can be informed.

Argue with your GM and local newspaper then...
Glenn was ONE of the lowest paid QBs, but may not have been the lowest. He and KJ made similar amounts...yet no one had any trouble believing the Riders were over the cap.....
And the difference is maybe one top flight player, not two.
Once you start adding up the big ticket items on the Bomber roster, it becomes apparent that cap issues are present, even if the waterboy wasn't making 200,000...because he was just about the only one that wasn't.
And I'm not trying to trash the Bombers...every team will struggle with the cap...I think that is the point of having one.
just pointing out to some of the "sour grapes" Bomber fans that they have nothing to gripe about.

Anyway, it isn't likely to happen in the short-term, but I would like to see salaries made public as well.