Can your defense stop Kerry Joseph

I watched every CFL game so far this season, you guys are looking OK.

Can you guys stop Kerry Joseph? Will it be a rout for the Argos, what say you?

Kerry will be calling his own plays, probably will mean he will be out of the pocket, can Esks D handle him?

Joseph does have 5 sacks on the season, but he says that`s only because of the bad play calling from the OC, he is going to change that with his own play calling.

Joseph hasn't been to impressive so far this season. but we all know what he is capable of.

But until he starts to play like he did last season...i wouldnt be getting to confident if i were an argo fan

The reason I asked was I am hoping that Esks sack the crap out of Joseph, so my guy Bishop can go in and clean up.

oh ok then :lol:

sorry. but u seemed a little cocky in the first post thats all :slight_smile:


No problem :lol:

I am waiting for someone to come along and tell me it`s not nice to wish harm on another qb.

It`s not like I want any serious injury on him, just a broken leg or throwing arm :twisted:

The test facing the Esks is the same one that Hamilton faced last week: can our o-line play as a team to keep Toronto's defense from getting to the QB. If they give Ray time to throw and open holes for Anderson, then we'll come out with the 'W' If Ray is getting hurried/sacked all game, then Toronto takes it no matter how good or bad Joseph/Bishop look.

You said nothing of your own D, shall I take that you have no confidence in them, I hope not!

Is your D not capable of winning one for the offence?

You do not see Your guys getting any sacks on Joseph?

A receiver doesn’t need holes, and after all, that’s what Anderson is. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK so you all are in agreement that Esks D is not up to the task, sorry to hear that!

If the Eskimo defensive staff spends about 1/2 hour studying the Argo offence this week, they should have no trouble stopping the Argos.

Hey Argofriend, it looks like Bishop won't be cleaning anything except his locker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think these Argo fans were just looking for attention, sadly they didn't jump on the chance to discuss the more interesting topic of our offense vs their defense.

I started this thread! I honestly wanted to know about your defense from the Eskimo point of view. I have seen every CFL game this season so I guess I know as much as anybody here?? Then again you know them better.

None of you wanted to talk about your defense, that speaks volumes.

Maybe they get it going tonight, Joseph will be scrambling I hope they know.

If he is released or traded he will probably end up with the Lions, they are reportedly interested. You might wish he was not cut or traded. If he should end up as a lion etc I will be going with him.

This story is not been quite written yet, you might be in for a surprise tonight. Joseph is going down, hopefully!

That seems to go ditto for you double blue folks too. :wink:

If he does, that'll be the end for the Argos. You guys will have to bring Damon Allen out of retirement.

:lol: Well it looks like 2 me any ones DEFENSE can stop JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!! UMMMMMMMMMMMMM geeze how interseptions did he give 2nite? Can't forget the so called Bishop done, come on TA fans admit it Joseph ain't the big one everybody thinks he is.

Why do ya think the riders got rid of him. :rockin: