Can you smell what the Rock is cooking (Dwayne Johnson buys stake in XFL)

Dwayne Johnson and partners buy the XFL for 15 million.

I guess the XFL is not completely dead yet.

I wonder what the $15 million buys? Contracts would have been voided, wouldn't they? Must be a pile of debt if the league was going to bankruptcy? Be interesting to see what happens. Another venue for Johnny Football? :grinning:

It's dead. Need more than $15 million to start up a league from scratch. Is Dwayne prepared to lose more than that? Hollywood has shutdown all movie productions. The TV taping of the Rock's "The Titan Games" has wrapped up. It has been renewed, but no news on when taping resumes. He doesn't wrestle anymore. Where's he going to get the money to run a league? Dwayne thinks he's his character in "Ballers". That character failed in his venture to bring a a fictional team to Las Vegas. Also, Dwayne is working with his ex-wife. That is a recipe for disaster

"Through this acquisition, the group secures the ability to option live entertainment intellectual property for further expansion across sports, live events and original entertainment programming.". Sounds to me like they just want the IP and live event expertise. Not necessarily about football.
As for here: CFL players react to 'The Rock' purchasing the XFL - 3DownNation players seem to not comprehend arithmetic. $15M won't even cover payroll. These are young men who supposedly graduated from College or University. Do they not teach Mathematics in school any more? If this is a representation of the mental capacity of the players, then the Owners don't have anything to worry about in upcoming CBA negotiations... Lol

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This ESPN article goes into some detail on why this iteration of the XFL failed.

Summary: Vince McMahon has already sunk $200 million into the league and was prepared to invest a total of $500 million to reach break-even. And then he walked away.

What The Rock and crew are buying for $15 million is the right to fund that remaining $300 million. Or possibly more, if the league's financial performance is weaker post-pandemic than was initially forecast pre-pandemic. McMahon, for one, seems to have cast his vote.

Dwayne better fund a vaccine because there can be no live sports with fans without the cure

The Rock is not the money man behind the XFL, it's the Redbird Capital firm which apparently has $4 billion in assets. They have their hands in NFL licensing, producing the Yes Network, and recently bought a pro soccer team in France. The Rock will be the face of the league, like Oliver Luck was last time around, but he won't be the one cutting the checks.

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Johnson is worth over $300 million. He definitely has skin in the game And working with the ex-wife is a recipe for a disaster. Redbird Capital is small time, let me know when it is up Berkeshire Hathaway financial levels

You realize they divorced nearly 15 years ago and have been business partners for a decade. Whatever Redbird is worth, they still have more resources, and respect than Vince McMahon.

Family/Martial squabbles in a family business will creep up when money is involved. You name me a successful business venture between a man and an ex. It doesn't happen. McMahon has build a entertainment empire over the years. He has a track record more so then RedBird, whom I never heard of

Like the Undertaker would say RIP.
Nothing here folks as this remains a train wreck, with more money to be lost if it is resuscitated.


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She's produced Jumanji, Ballers, and several other hit shows/movies for her ex husband over the past decade. Not sure why you think all of a sudden the XFL is going to be the straw that breaks their back. McMahon is a carny and laughed at by the media at large, while the Rock is one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. Let's put it this way, who would bring the masses back to the CFL? The Rock or Vince? The Rock at an Argos game would have fans flocking like Drake with the Raptors.

So has Garcia produced something on her without Dwayne's name attached to anything? What are those other hit shows she produced?

Hulk Hogan got a bigger pop than the Dwayne at Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto. And Hogan was suppose to be the heel in the main event match. You can find it on YT. Check it out for yourself and you can tell the difference. You can also find a video when Dwayne was cutting down the CFL in a promo.

[quote="DaveDaHammer, post:14, topic:68153"]
... So has Garcia produced something on her without Dwayne's name attached to anything? What are those other hit shows she produced? ... [/quote]

Lot of misses than hits in that resume'. The Rock must still be in love with his ex-wife to buy her a failed football league. It will never get off the ground until a vaccine is invented. They should re-boot in 2025. somebody will have invented a vaccine by then

C'mon now you're just being silly. Hogan hadn't been in WWE/F for over 10 years so of course he got a huge pop. Hogan is a joke now and couldn't sell out a table of 4 at Applebees. He's not even in the Rock's stratosphere, his entire movie career grossed less at the Box office than Jumanji or and Fast and Furious movie. Hogan isn't even well liked amongst the handful of wrasslin fans left. WWE ratings are at an all time low and investors want McMahon's head on a silver platter.

Hulk Hogan had the ability to play the heel, see NWO Hogan. The Rock could never pull it off, see his role in the Nation of Domination. Dwayne has laid a few bombs like "Doom", "The Tooth Fairy", "Pain & Gain" and the Rock has the dubious distinction of being the worst CGI creation in Hollywood history as the Scorpion King in "The Mummy". Even Dwayne will admit that

This is all subjective, not sure how this went from ones star power and business acumen, to their role in the world of fake pro wrestling. Ask 100 people who is more popular and 99.5 will tell you The Rock, it isn't even close. For the record I like Hogan and is probably my favorite wrestler of all time, yet he's declared bankruptcy and the Rock is a cash cow. Who made a better "heel" is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand

Hogan was a pioneer. He made Vince and the WWF/E. Was the first successful cross career from rassler to movie actor long before Dwayne decided to give wrestling a try.

Ask John Stossel if wrestling is fake when David Williams tuned him up. Wrestlers sustains real injuries performing stunts, even die(see Owen hart). It not fake, the injuries are real. Wrestlers are putting their health at risk to bring enjoyment to their fans.

You're right this is subjective. But Dwayne has had some failures in his career that can't be ignored