can you see any teams honestly use the "Wildcat" formation?

I sure can't.

ya it's now legal but I cannot seriously see any teams do it.

like the fact it's designed in the USA for American Football with the American rules and American Sized fields.

it has little purpose in the CFL.. because of the fact there's so much motion in the backfield before the snap of the ball, would completely make the formation useless.

but I cannot see any teams doing it.

It's a gadget play. We'll see it as often as we see the double reverse or the flea flicker. It does add another dimension to those very plays though....
One trick that is now available is, as long as you have your 7 guys on the line, and a player available to take the snap, no need to wait for the QB. So when a QB scoots to the sideline to quickly talk to the coach.... teams will need to be alert.

The sleeper play is illegal:

[url=] ... lebook.pdf[/url] ( Page 23 )
Article 5 – Sleeper Play

A sleeper play is one in which Team A uses substitution procedures to disguise a
player’s presence on the field and eligibility as a potential pass receiver, and throws
a pass to that player.
Team A shall not use player substitution as a means of disguising a sleeper play. If
following a substitution, a Team A player does not participate in the team huddle and
takes a position within 11 yards of the Sideline adjacent to the Team A bench area
when the ball is put into play, that player shall be deemed to be ineligible as a pass

Not sure if it currently qualifies, but it may be modified this year.

That won't effect the wildcat if used properly.... there does not need to be a substitution in the play I described.

One "trick" play i would like to see more in cfl is the Onside punt.(on any down) argo,s coach is learning about the Canadian kicking game all other coaches should look at the rule book as well!!! :rockin:

I wouldn't be surprised to see Trestman use the wildcat once or twice. But I agree that it will likely remain a gadget play that won't have any appreciable impact on the CFL game.

with a head coach from the NFL, and a player like Reggie McNeal, i bet the argos use it a few times.

I don't know, Our field is wide... Wildcat formation will force the defense to spread. It has more applications here then in the US.

Definitely, I think every team is going to have at least one play designed for this.

Toronto with McNeal and Winnipeg with Reid & Smith might use it a bit more than most, but if it is successful, expect everyone to start adding it to their regular playbook.

Could make things interesting.

yeah no!

So, what are people's opinion on the Wildcat so far? Calgary had a botched attempt on week 1. Now that Toronto has drawn up a few interesting things and seen some success it could become interesting. Bart Andreas was talking about a few extra tricks he'd thought up, and with Reggie McNeil, you have to start thinking about the laterals to him, or Joseph once he gets outside the pocket.

Even Sask got in on the action with a play of their own.

Like any other type of play/formation some teams will make it work and some won't. It's not harming anything. I think it should stay.

It will be a gadget play that teams will use once or twice a game. And like most gadget plays, it will be a wild success and wild failure each about one time in five, and a normal result (good or bad) the other three.

Good call.

If it is done correctly by a team and their coach, it is not merely a "gadget" play, it is a formation.

It will be like any other formation. Some teams will be better at it than others. Some teams may not use it at all.

So "cflisthebest". Yes teams are using it. Yes teams will continue to use it.

The one article said that in Toronto’s 4 runs of their wildcat play, they gained 49 yards ( although one 10 yard gain was negated by penalty ). A play that averages 12+ yards is going to find it’s way into the playbook. Also makes other teams respect it and makes coaches deal with it at practice.

The argos ran it a few times, it work well, nothing like when the Dolphins used it against the Pats. I bet every team will try it this season.

Now we need to see who can find a RB that can throw a bounce-pass lateral. See how many defenders stop when the ball hits the turf ( before the QB grabs it and tosses it deep ).

it's the kind of play that should only be used when everything else fails.

I would not want my RB behind the center. He is not naturally positioned there and he is not meant to be taking snaps. you're risking fumbles and turnovers.