Can you say trouble?

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Does the team really need this crap?

Welecome to Web 2.0 or 3.0 whatever it's called, some guys will use it for whatever reason.

Sounds like he's getting the message though that this is not the best approach to get what you are looking for in life.

Maybe if he caught the ball when its thown to him he would get more chances! He has been inconsisted all year! He dropped 2 balls that where thown on Saturday, then complains that he is not getting the ball enough!
Its a team game Mr. Mann and you have to produce in order to recieve!

Why do athletes do this? If you're displeased with the amount of opportunities that have been given to you, go talk to the coach. He would be a lot happier to here it directly from him, as opposed to reading about how the player tweeted it.

C'mon Mo Mann. :thdn:

Mo Man did not look overly friendly at the autograph session after the last game. Some advise Mr Man, shut up and get open and catch the ball and perhaps you may get more opportunities. Based on your performance so far, I would sit your sorry *&^% on the bench and activate someone from the PR. Just because your last name is man - it does not mean you can act like a spoiled kid. If anyone should be complaining it should be Bauman - then again he would probably drop it anyways. I believe there are plenty more FISH as in Reggie in the sea that are far better atheletes than Mo Mam or should it be Mo Ball Mo Ball Mo Ball

Not at all...

I spoke to Mann for a few minutes....and he took some photos with my family. He was the nicest guy. Talking to my kids. Couldnt have asked for anymore outta the guy. Yeah, he aint playing good, but he was very nice and friendly.

Agreed....Bauman is playing horrible.

Although I wouldn't normally condone this sort of whining, I believe Marcel is cutting him some slack not because Mann is new to the system but because even he must realize at this point it isn't easy playing for an Offensive Coordinator like Gibson. The question is, if Mann's not happy, how may others may feel this way but just afraid to express it? Is there an undercurrent of discontent amongst the ranks and is Gibson rightly or wrongly, the reason why? My opinion is, it's a strong possibility.

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Just Tweet me the damn ball.

Maurice Mann has come up with an updated, social media version of the diva receiver classic — first made famous by former NFLer Keyshawn Johnson — by using Twitter to express his frustration about the number of passes coming his way.

The first two came Sunday afternoon via his account Mr.Mann86. “can i please get the ball?? was followed shortly after by “we played 10 games and ive yet to see real action in 1 ... the truth is the truth!?

Then last night, he added his two cents to the stream #yourawhackasscoach (you’re a whack ass coach) with “when your best players don't touch the ball in big games ...?


I can respect passion for the game and a desire to contribute. What I can't respect is someone who cries about lack of opportunities when he isn't making a whole lot of the ones he's been given. I am not impressed by his play so far and am a little ticked off that we traded Thompson for him. He needs to focus more on catching the ball and getting open and less on crying online about it.

I hope he learns quickly that we do not handle things that way here.

You and me both.

I said it at the time, and I'll say it again: bad trade for Hamilton. Gave away a defensive all-star for a guy who had one good season in Edmonton.

Finding good receivers isn't that difficult. Finding shutdown defensive backs? Helluva lot harder.

8) At the time of the trade that brought Mann to Hamilton, it was also a known fact that he was very outspoken, and
 wasn't afraid to let his feelings be known.

 He wasn't the most popular player in the Eskimos dressing room, with regards to his teammates !!

  Why do you think Edmonton jumped at that trade.
  They got a very good DB in Thompson, and got rid of a problem child !!

They are in a sport that encourages the display of different personalities.......I would encourage coach to not over-react over his expression of frustration and let a good guy slip away.

Toronto has suffered because their coach couldn't find a way to deal with Arland Bruce's energy and out-spokeness in a positive way.........let's not make the same mistake.

Mann has vented and he probably now knows it was an error to do so on Twitter

I'd leave it at that.

(I like people who speak up and wear their emotions on their sleeve quite frankly) :wink:

I have never been a fan of taking problems outside of the team.

I don't mind a little fire and I'd expect some frustration in a season like this. What I don't expect is for someone to use Twitter or Facebook or even the media to complain about it. Show that you can be consistent and I'm sure you'll see more of the ball.

Maybe if he held on to the ball, he would get more passes thrown his way. I counted two dropped Mann passes in the last game.

No kidding! WOW...this doesn't sound like there is "harmony" in the clubhouse.

I don't think he did anything wrong.
I feel we not used Mann Correctly
He been used on Quick hitters
He a Deep Ball WR

8) He actually did do something wrong, Tom.
 He used the term "yourawhackasscoach" in his tweet message !!

 He knows it was wrong, because he later apoligised and said he would never do any more tweets (or whatever they are
  called) again !!

  That's like closing the barn door, after the horse has gotten out !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   If he is being used improperly, then it won't be the first time a player in Hamilton has experienced that problem !!

   Remember Corey Holmes ??

This was just one thought that I had after reading what this nimrod "tweeted"...

Second, was, didn't Saskatchewan cut Prechae? He had LOTS of chemistry with Porter and I wonder if QP might be more effective with the big Mann (and I use the term loosely), STFU, catch the ball and prove you matter...

Third, if someone out there has a Twitter account, please tell Mann (again, I use the term loosely) to "STFUcatchwhat'sthrown2u&maybemorecomesurway"

I’d take Prechea back in a heartbeat. “Chemistry” is so important on a team.

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