Can you meet the players after the games


You can wait outside the locker room after the game, but not all the players come out and sign autographs.

last year mike mcarthy and possibly a few players were at hooters on upper james after each game and i imagine the same will happen this season

I thought you had your heart set on Chris Ball.

When you meet Ian, try calling him "Rocky."

Also there is Training Camp. At Mac.

There Normally will sign then ..

My first CFL authograph came from Mike O'Shea after waiting by the Ti-Cats locker room post game. They had just lost the last game of the year and were knocked out of the playoffs. He still came out like he usually did. The visitors are actually easyier as many of them must walk right out of the gate to the bus.


Well I do wanna meet Chris Ball but i don't think he is playing this season. But I love my Ian Butler lol. Did u ever meet Chris Ball?

We got a Chance to Meet Rocky with some new Coaches a Few weeks ago.. Great guy..

If you wait outside the lab on Tuesdays around 4pm, you can usually catch him going from materials chemistry to the spectroscopy facility.

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LMAO!! Nicely done.

There is a parking lot where a lot of the players park.
I got to know a few of the guys, and even went for a couple of drinks with a few of them.
Last year I met Chris Ball, DJ, Cheatwood, and Collier