Can You Imagine

The crucifixion that Higgins would be suffering here had he made half of the blunders that Kent Austin will be blamed for after tonight's debacle? That was quite a display of mistakes. And he's considered a master genius.
Context and comparison.


I take your comment to suggest that you are the most appropriate judge of when criticism is due, or not.

Somewhat self-centered, is this not? Whereas I sometimes feel that some posters are too harsh, I try to appreciate their positions nonetheless. It helps to consider the quality of the posts on the Als forum. Not to mention the fact that kudos are also routinely given out.

Perhaps you should chill out a bit.

Don’t waste your breath, friend. He loves to sit in judgment of other members. It’s what gets him going.

Yup, he gets off on it…

[i]Geez slant, you really are a master shid disturber. Could you be any more obvious?

You start a post on a topic where there is no polarisation of opinion, but rather a consensus among a majority of board members (that Higgins is awful). In a smart arsey kind of way, you start a post and voice the exact opposite view, the one that goes against the majority opinion. Even if that view is ludicrous! :roll:

Johnny knows you are not that clueless. So, you only do it to stir the pot. Go stir something else for a while :cowboy: [/i]

Johnny..I have been on record here as supporting Higgins. I have stated that I believe he is being unfairly judged by many on here. I believe his errors are blown up out of proportion and looked at in isolation. Higgins has been continually criticized and in my opinion ridiculed. I have the right to not follow what you say is a consensus without being labelled a troll, not that it matters. And posters here can say what they want but not all have to follow suit on opinions.

This post was meant to further my belief that other coaches make serious gaffes. And that Higgins would have been killed on here had Austin's mistakes on Friday's game were in fact made by Higgins. I stand by that

So if that makes me a troll then so be it. Its not participation if we can't differ.

I'll leave it at that.

Well that’s not belief, it’s fact, Sherlock.

QED, it’s that simple.

Other coaches also making mistakes isn't an excuse for ours also making mistakes unless our goal is to be as bad as the teams next to us. While Higgins hasn't been put in the easiest situation (the lateness of his hire and the gong show that was negotiating a contract with Popp) it is still reasonable to expect an experienced coach to manage the game correctly. We aren't expecting another Trestman but if we could at the very least avoid Andrus level mistakes that's not too much to ask for

Voilà une excellente vue de l’enjeu.

Que notre ami slant veuille justifier sa défense de Higgins, ce n’est pas illégitime en soi. Cependant, de faire reposer la valeur de Higgins sur les “faiblesses” d’Austin ou d’autres entraîneurs n’a rien de très valorisant pour Higgins.

Présentement, l’équipe joue mieux avec Crompton aux commandes et ça donne un répit à Higgins. Mais est-ce que tout ceci est dû au génie de Higgins ou à d’autres facteurs. Pour ma part, je crois que l’arrivée de Jeff Garcia et Turk Schnoert y sont pour beaucoup plus. Higgins me semble toujours avoir le respect de ses joueurs et il faut au moins reconnaître que, malgré ses erreurs, il ne semble pas avoir perdu l’appui de son vestiaire. C’est tout de même un indice que Higgins ne doit pas avoir tout faux non plus. Au moins, Higgins est un gars organisé et structuré.

Cela dit, c’est plus facile de gérer les choses quand l’équipe gagne que quand l’équipe perd. Et j’ai toujours en mémoire les bourdes de Higgins lorsque l’équipe en arrachait et qu’il n’avait aucune solution à proposer. Ce n’est pas Higgins qui a été chercher Schonert et Garcia. Peut-être a-t-il demandé à Popp de trouver des nouveaux entraîneurs à l’offensive, mais lui n’avait pas grand chose à proposer pour relancer l’équipe. Or, nous avons besoin d’un entraîneur qui peut au moins donner l’impression qu’un moment donné, le travail qu’il fera avec ses adjoints remettra l’équipe sur la bonne voie. Je n’ai jamais eu cette impression avec Higgins.

Peut-être que Higgins est en train de s’améliorer avec les conseils de Matthews, et si cela peut le faire grandir et qu’il redevienne un entraîneur gagnant, tant mieux! Je ne demande pas mieux qu’il me fasse mentir et se montre près de la trempe de Hufnagel ou Trestman. Et j’espère même que ce soit ce qui est en train de se passer présentement. Mais j’ai plutôt l’impression que le regain de vie des Alouettes vient d’ailleurs que de Higgins et qu’il y aura des mouvements dans le personnel d’entraîneurs dans le prochain entre-saisons.

Mais disons qu’une Coupe Grey pourrait valoir une autre saison à Higgins.

I give Higgins points for keeping his troops calm and focus through a very tough season.

I take points for the atrocious play of his cover teams. How can we be in week 16 and his kickin/cover teams are still taking penalties on 90 percent of snaps ???

His in game management is terrible. Even yesterday sending in Brink for the remaining snaps ticked me off. He should have rewarded Marsh for busting his nuts and taking hits on short yardage situations all season. He was here before Brink and those snaps could have been useful for him to practice some plays that he can use later this season. He sends in Brink to hand off the ball for almost a quarter of football instead of using these live snaps to improve his ball club, or help SJ get out of his slump or test Rainey... There was no way Saskatchewan was going to make up a 30 point deficit even if Marsh causes a turnover. Not to mention the people who paid for their ticket and put up with some real stinkiers this year. I know, I was there for the beat down against the Argos.

Not slowing things down to challenge the turnover that's another story.

Higgins is not my kind of Head Coach but I still hope the team is successful in spite of him.

Hfx: Your thoughts were mine exactly when I first noticed Brink in the QB role. Clearly Brink will be on his way out shortly. Marsh is the younger player with potential to develop. To exclude Marsh from the Sask game was unreasonable.

I agree with both of you about the Brink/Marsh thing. I couldn't understand why Marsh wasn't given some mop-up time in the fourth quarter. He's the younger QB with a future on this team who has helped us a lot this year in short yardage. Brink is just the guy who managed to make Troy Smith look good by comparison. Guess Tom doesn't have a "succession plan" in place in case Crompton gets injured. :roll:

That would make too much sense. Kind of like not throwing the challenge flag on the fumble recovery that went back to the Riders. :wink:

. . . and did that every take some doing.

;) It was more a dig at Higgins throwing Popp / Trestman under the bus earlier in the season -- blaming the QB struggles on the lack of a "succession plan" for Anthony Calvillo. Well, Tom, you're not doing any better by letting Alex. F. Brink hand off the ball to the running back in a blowout game we clearly controlled. Marsh has barely thrown a pass all year long; he could have used the reps.

My only thought was that perhaps some other QB desperate team had talked to Popp and Brink was being “showcased”.

Unlikley, but I figured there had to be some reason and hoped it wasn’t just stupidity.

If that had been the case, they would have had him done more than hand off the ball on every play for 3 drives.