Can you hear the train ah coming?

HUH… Seems like we are going to have a dog fight for second in the west… I think I called it way back in September… I hope you enjoy the confines of our humble stadium… LOLOLOLOLOL (You might even get to play here 2 weeks in a row)
See you in a couple of weeks.
Stamp 78

LOL, dude we heard this crap from the farmers in Sask, and look at them , knowone will bump us so dont wrry pal

Battle for second? I'm afraid the Esks have all but clinched first place with a win over BC tonight my friend. Stamps @ Eskimos in the west final will ultimately settle the battle of Alberta.

that should be semi final

Should be, but then again anyone who can explain how a team goes 11-0 and does not get first is truly worthy of calling these things.

well looking at the standings today the lions are still in first with one game to play. So until the season is offically over you really havent made a point.

Riders have nothing to play for against B.C., B.C. has lots to play for. Though we said the same thing with the Rens and Als, tho the Rens are just so bad.

The Riders have something to play for, momentum going into the playoffs. If they were to lose their game against BC next week that would be four straight losses in a row to end their season, but i dont see that happening. I'd be surprised if they didn't play all of their starters.

How about esks in third place by next weekend. That seems to be the logical place for them.

Did you happen to forgett, Edmonton need to beat us 1st. Enjoy the Visitors locker room. They will be needing it 2 weeks in a row.
Stamp 78

Lions 1 Stamps 2 Esks 3 this weekend

Stamps 1 Esks 2 semi finals

Lions 1 Stamps 2 finals

esk will demlish the stumps, crygary has no way to beat the best defence in the league…

Stamps against the lions in the west final. They’ll be lucky if the get a first down this weekend let alone have any hope of winning!!! Face it Esks will take first in west. B.C. had their time but proved once again you need consistancy not luck to make it in this league!

.......lots of guys here that may very well be eating some raw crow come monday morning.......

i do hope that you like raw crow, i hear thats the only bird they have in crygary so not tough to find anyways....

......very clever, don't hurt your brain too much trying to come up with all these snappy comebacks......if you actually re-read my post you'll see I didn't actually specify EE fans, just a bunch of guys in general....but if it's attention you're crying for.........

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