Can you guess....Who would have the better record?

These 2 teams have the following stats for their offensive and defensive units

Can you guess which team is in currently Second Place in the West? No peeking just guess. Answer later tonight

Yards per Game- 418.3 (9)
Rush Yards per Game- 84.3 (6)
Pass Yards per Game- 334.0 (9)

Yards per Game- 353 (1)
Rush Yards per Game- 74.0 (4)
Pass Yards per Game- 279.0 (3)

Sorry should have deleted the offensive stat mentioned as the 2 teams I selected were pretty close offensively so I decided to focus on the defensive side gap in stats

My guess would be the Bombers are Team A. They give up a decent chunk of yards and facing the better offensive teams in the west more often will slightly skew their numbers to appear worse than a comparable defense in the weaker east. I'm sure one of factors in that number is the noticeable lack of consistent pressure from their front-4 on defense.

With that said the defense creates turnovers like no other team in the league. I heard a stat that the Bombers are averaging 4 turnovers a game. I suspect that is why they are considered to have one of the top-4 defenses in the league.

So you know

Team A is Winnipeg
Team B is Hamilton

Nice but funny what stat you left out…TAKE AWAYS. Huge part of the Bombers success this year. Include that stat to get a real picture of the teams.

Left it out because t would give it away....

Winnipeg is the class of the league when it comes to takeaways. Obviously their takeaways have a come at key times to prevent there opponents from scoring. Wonder how may of them come in the red-zone? I'm guessing a lot