Can you feel the excitement?

The season is upon us, and the CFL loses a franchise. Yep, exciting stuff...

You realy need to drop the "argos" from your name.

Sorry dudes. But with the lack of support shown by the league for my Renegades, I've got little to be excited about. I dropped out as a CFL fan in the mid-90's. I'll be dropping out again.

I wonder if Argos Bills will be as excited when Ralph Wilson passes away and the Bills ending up moving.

Have to admit, I am excited as all get out, walked in front of Ivor Wynne Stadium on the weekend and the chills were there.

Let's get it started baby!

VERY VERY exited. I only wish I wasn't gonna be away for most of the season. But then again I will be traveling along the mediteranean so...... I can always look on here for updates

guys, guys..._Bills meant this thread to be sarcastic! Apperently we're not actually supposed to be excited according to him.

Yeah your right, I am not a BIG bills fan, but atleast that league is ran properly. I am not even that big of a football fan (in terms of watching it). Instead of expanding they are contracting.

The CFL is not run improperly. And it's not at all fair to compare it to how the NFL is run. The NFL has infinite resources, and the NFL is probably the best-run league in the world. That doesn't mean every other league is run improperly.

Name one league that hasn't had a franchise fold, move, or suspend operations for a year. Are you a hockey fan? You don't have to look back very far for that. Baseball? The League itself almost executed the Twins and Expos - the CFL has not killed the Renegades, and isn't trying to either. Franchises seem to move (or threaten to) every two years in the NFL.

This situation is a matter of bad timing and cheap, incompetent owners, combined with the fact that economics in the CFL are very, very different than those in the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. Making a profit off a CFL franchise takes a HELLUVA lot of skill. But if you own an NFL team, you just sit back and let the media hype make you millions.

In short, your "at least that league is run properly" comment is a low-blow, a sucker-punch, and a cheap-shot against the CFL.

And it's also really sad to hear that fans like High_Five are leaving the CFL behind. To a small extent I can understand why, with the frustration they have had to go through ... but this is yet another negative consequence. It's just sad all around, but I seriously don't know if there's anything else the CFL could have done ...

With the money the NFL receives from TV there which basically falls into the leagues lap, anyone whose IQ is more than 10 could run the league.

this year CFL is playing all the games, except when your home team plays at home.

With Ottawa players being scattered throughout the league i think it should be a pretty exciting year in the CFL. One thing is for sure every team is going to get stronger through the both drafts. The only thing that sucks is there is no Ottawa team to play against, which usually meant a win for most teams. I also think it cheapens the grey gup because there is opnly 8 teams. I would like to see the CFL get a solid 10 teams in the league. Look at Quebec City which i believe would be a great football city like Montreal, and Halifax, or Ottawa for the last franchise. A team can survive in Ottawa with cooperation from the city. I think the city of Ottawa didn't take the threats too seriously. Ottawa also has the stadium which is a big obstacle. Anyways i'am not really down about Ottawa losing there franchise for the season, it should be an interesting year.

So Peter, do you think that the teams that won the Stanley Cup for all those years when the NHL had 6 teams, just won these 'cheaply' and therefore the Cup doesn't mean as much? Then you say having less teams strengthens the league, or any league for that matter I would say? So maybe the two cancel each other out and it is just as hard to win the GC with one less team?
Oh, tell some Leaf fans or Habs fans they won the Cup "on the cheap" during those 6 team years and see what reaction you get!

Argos Bill keeps trolling and some of you keep biting....... If you ignore him, he'll go tormenting somewhere else....

Peter, I think you'll see Halifax, before Ottawa returns. I don't think you'll see a serious buyer until the business climate changes in Ottawa.

Oh yes,

I am excited about the upcomming season!

I was ln the Peg last wknd, went to the Bomber shop and spent a few dollars..
But the main reason, was to go sit in my GreyCup seat, section s row 17...
Great view, nice n close to the field of play, just hope the majority of play is at my end of the stadium.
Big thanx to the guy's at the Bomber store, you guy's are a class act,just like the organization.

I don't think we can get out to the Peg for the GC but I do want to get there for a regular season game agains't my Cats if at all possible.

Wow!! That really says alot about you. If you're not a big football fan then.......(should i ask?) What are you doing here??

And.......There is nothing wrong with the way the CFL is run...nor is the NoFunLeague perfect by any stretch. Look back through their history, they have had many, MANY franchises fold or move.

the early spring is making it difficult to remain patient…why cant they start a month earlier…

the wind has gone out of my sails since the whole Ott thing, but I'm still church full of vitamins and ready to go!

They need to put teams in Quebec, Windsor, one in Halifax and I think with the right ownership they should go for one in London aswell. That would give em 12 .