Can you explain this?

I was looking to see when Calgary had their 12-0 season(1948) and I see that in 1945 the was no league play in the west yet Calgary beat Regina 13-3
in what looks like a 2 game total poin and then lost to Winnipeg in the Western finals.

How did they have playoffs if they did not play a season?

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Courtesy wikipedia.....this is about all I can find right now.....

Teams from Edmonton and Vancouver also competed in some seasons prior to suspension of the competition in 1942 for the duration of the Second World War. The league resumed play on a limited basis in 1945 with Winnipeg, Regina and the newly-renamed Calgary Stampeders. The competition was fully resumed by 1946.

That could be it but there was a cup from 42-44

True, but looking at the link you provided, there were a large number of RCAF teams playing.....that could be something there.....

The Cup could still be challenged by other armature teams at that time, like the Stanley Cup was way back when. I can't remember when the Cup was just played by the 9 CFL teams we know and love, but the league as we know it today wasn't fully formed until 1956 and the league took the name of CFL in 1958 (which is the year I consider when they CFL went professional, I think the NFL went pro in 1950 (or when ever the AAFC merged with the NFL) but the current league was reformed in 1970 with the legend of the AFL, therefore the CFL is older).