Can you believe how bad the Command Centre decisions are?

The only thing that needs to be discussed with the head of officiating is how long he has to clean out his desk.

Man the booth with an off-duty referee andsenior official each week. They would rotate through, so it's not always the same person with the same biases. (Oh, right. That doesn't happen. ::))

And do it now. Get rid of the two incompetents they have in there immediately, and fix this.

I think that during every play review there should be a poll posted on this forum so the REAL experts can vote on what the "correct" call should be.'s pretty comical.

160 plays in a CFL game that includes, literally, hundreds of missed blocks, tackles, dropped passes, shanked kicks and poor coaching decisions.....and one call from an official can "decide" an entire game.

Why not have a computer look at the play and have an app that will make the best call taking all the info into account from all the television shots to what the original call was made on the field by the officials. Sort of like the app that when you play a song it will tell you what it thinks the song is or the bird song app that tells you what bird it thinks it is chirpping. :wink:

Again, the "best" call, not necessarily the "correct" call. :wink:

There was more than one call in the Toronto game that went their way and left some fans (even honest Argos fans!) shaking their heads. Overall, it's frustration with the TiCats constantly being on the short end of controversial calls, later admitted wrong by the League. Admissions too little, too late and of little help to the games outcome.

See this article outlining the ridiculous situation re League admissions and the TiCats the last few years...

I guess you must have been happy with the error in a Bomber game (last year? Vs Calgary?) that the League later admitted was wrong and possible, probably, cost Bombers a win.

Easy to dismiss the problems and complaints of others when you don't suffer the same repeated, negative consequences.

it looks to me that the subpar officiating is expanding into the command centre.
So much for the NFL-CFL Officiating Development Program ?

Good article on 3downnation . My recommendation is replace the words Ti-Cats with your team's name and tell me how you'd feel about it.

with all due respect, i get your frustration well deserved. but every team is suffering from bad calls its not just a hamiltion thing. does that justify it no! but the league as whole is suffering equally. i am sure Hamilton has had the benefit of a few calls here and there.

Sure, there have been bad calls against every team, probably occurring in every game. But please name any other team that has had as many admissions of egregious errors (notice, not apologies) from the League after a game as the TiCats, I'll give you the example above about the Bombers vs Stamps being one. If you read the 3rdDown article linked above, you would see the potentially game-changing one-sided occurrences affecting the TiCats over the last few years.

This isn't fake news ?

That does not mean that the CC is an Argo fan with the agenda to screw over the Ti-Cats purposely. Perhaps Hamilton has a few more calls as you claim go against them .. perhaps not. I am not here to say either way. Only to point out that it is a league wide thing and many games (with or without Hamilton in them) are being decided(or at least swayed one way) by bad calls. Roughing (cough Touching) the passer call in Mtl vs Wpg comes to mind.

Being a Raptor fan I feel your pain!! I recall quite a few times where the NBA has publicly apologized for bad calls against them or other things that determined games. A game vs Atlanta, and a game Sacremento come to mind. Sure it feels targeted, but after you step away from that you will see that other teams are victims of the same crap. I have personally done so with the Raptor games.

If the league as a whole is suffering equally, why are there no articles from respected members of their Local and National media calling out calls and showing this history of these calls in their markets? The reason, is because they simply aren't happening at the same frequency as in Hamilton. If it is happening equally, then how can you even say Hamilton has had the benefit of a few calls? If Hamilton is getting the benefit of calls, you should be just as outraged!

I'm getting tired that every time this happens there is a giant lineup of people calling Ti-Cat fans whinners, and tries to downplay our grievances, even after the league itself admits it was wrong and proves us right. That we should just accept that we get admittedly screwed on a tri-yearly+ basis on key plays. That statistically turnovers are rare plays and when they occur, provide a massive advantage to a team. That unless we get screwed on every single play, that it's always our team's fault for losing.

Here are some fixes that could redress these issues.

  1. Reverse the 2015 Illegal Contact Rule which allowed for PI challenges to become fishing expeditions, and allows for so many of these bad calls to even be considered.
  2. Replace members of the review booth and reffing staff and report it publicly
  3. Have three reps in the review booth at all times, maybe at least one who is incapable of ref colleague bias.
  4. Publicly show that you are investing time, effort and money towards getting more officials and better officials.

Instead we get "We're sorry we were wrong, and.......that's it. Deal with it." If it's happening all over the league, then what will it take at this point to get some kind of action.

Just seems to me a disconnect in some ways between the CC and the refs on-field other than right now the CC is unless it's totally missed by the on-field officials, we go with that despite what the cameras show.
In which case, as the CC rarely overturns the call on the field, why is the league spending money on a CC in the first place? For image sakes? Get rid of it then. People in both leagues, CFL and NFL don't want it, can this thingy I say. Not needed if it's so biased in the first place.

Complete waste of money CFL, and NFL albeit the NFL can pull this money out of pocket change money, the CFL not so. Let's put the game back on the field, with players and refs and dump this CC crap. It is broken, isn't working, and is too biased to be of any use for the most part, the odd time, fine, but is it worth the money if it's only the odd time it actually works?

Sure they have! But what other team hashad calls against them that were SO BAD that the league felt the need to apologize for them?

In the words of Steve Mariucci;


Did you notice the CFL game of the week from last weekend on TSN2 right now is......yes, the Argo Ti-Cat game. That's gotten burn. :wink:

A disaster, a tragedy or a comedy can all pull in just as many ratings as the finest of dramas.

After the apology, to rebroadcast the game kind of felt a little like the league (I know it's not their decision) saying to the Cats, "Bummer".

Apparently the League informed the TiCats about the wrong PI call from the CC but it will not admit or talk publicly about it.

Now it comes to light that more than a minute ran off the clock while the officials argued about the fumble-out-of-bounds in the 4th quarter. More than enough time for the TiCats to potentially move close enough for a game winning field goal or single point.

IIRC, there was about 30 seconds remaining when Argos tied the score. If true, that extra 60+ seconds on the clock would have made a big difference in play calling during the final drive.

And I thought it couldn't get any worse, or comical, but not funny ?

That is correct. Here are the two plays from the game log:

[tr][td]137[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]10[/td] [td]T40[/td] [td]Pass[/td] [td]24[/td] [td]35[/td] [td][b](09:35)[/b] R. RAY Completed Pass to D. CROSS, caught at H49 (26 yds, 5 YAC), D. CROSS Fumble forced by C. BROOKS, Recovered by D. CROSS at H44 (0 yds), Dead Ball Declared (Ball fumbled out of bounds)[/td] [td]24[/td] [td]35[/td] [/tr] [tr][td]138[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]10[/td] [td]H44[/td] [td]Pass[/td] [td]24[/td] [td]35[/td] [td][b](08:05)[/b] R. RAY Incomplete Pass intended for D. POSEY at H25[/td] [td]24[/td] [td]35[/td] [/tr]
A minute and a half from one play to the next, most of which was due to the discussion about the fumble. Of course, at the time, the Ticats didn't mind time ticking away, given their 11 point lead. It's only hindsight that makes it appear bad for the Ticats.

I have to agree with Aerial, just get rid of video review altogether. Spend the money on improving ref training. There were bad calls before, but with video review (including coach challenges and CC review), things seem to be worse. Even if the amount of bad calls have been relatively the same, save the money and scrap it all.