Can you believe how bad the Command Centre decisions are?

Love the just one challenge for sure. Bottom line is the CC is only going to overturn a call that they see as clearly done wrong on the field.

Works for me.

The concept works for me too. But the execution sure needs work.

Maybe the command centre should be tuned into the TSN broadcast to understand how much confusion they're causing and act accordingly. That's not say they should change their ruling if the TSN guys have it wrong, but they should then be able to instruct the on-field officials to clearly explain the ruling, or at least have a communications person contact the PBP team immediately afterward for clarification.

Has there been any explanation about the weird 15-yard PI call from last night?

Not for me…Not in the least

To me, challenges should be used for bang bang plays…Was his knee down before he fumbled. Did he get a foot down before going OOB? Did the ball skip off the turf.

Not because of incompetent refswho make calls that people in thebleed sections can see were wrong…

The game log lists it as pass interference. Given the 14 yard penalty, it had to be when Green cut right and bumped into Washington. (As in, contact initiated by the receiver. But that doesn't seem to matter this year.) And as it was called PI, the ball must have been in the air by then. (Yeah. Right.)

Where have I heard all these complaints before? Hmmmmmm.

I know I've heard these complaints from someone before. Guy was labelled a whiner, complainer, told the refs where great and......I wonder who was complaining about all the things being mentioned in this thread??

You know what gets me about this

Lets say that it really was PI....its not but lets pretend like the CC did
Its ok that it happened 14 yards down field and that's why it was a 14 yard penalty...but the reality is that the interference prevented him from catching the ball 45 yards away The penalty should have been to where the pass was thrown, not to where the foul occurred....If it really was PI....which it wasent

Watching the highlights of the Falcons-Bills game. Unbelievable the CC there didn't overturn what they called was a Matt Ryan fumble, it was so clearly a forward pass, don't know how they could have got that wrong. So it can happen even with all the money and cameras in the NFL that the CC can't seem to get it right.


According to the CBS broadcast, the review did not show conclusively that Ryan re-gained possession before his arm moved forward. That is why the play was not overturned.
Buffalo Bills take the lead on a very bad call against the Atlanta Falcons

Well Said. Thanks

It happens, even in the NFL boys. It's well known some of the games are so poorly officiated, in the NFL that is, it isn't funny.

I know, it's only the CFL that has bad officiating and CC calls. I get the schtick. ::slight_smile:

right offside for sure several times

I thought there was a generous one yard leniency take on this? Correct, because of the motion?

You'll never guess what happened today.

The CFL told the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Monday that the pass interference call on Demond Washington during Saturday's game did not meet its standard for pass interference.

The Tiger-Catsasked the CFL for a review of a command centre decision Saturday nightthat assessed a pass interference penalty on Washington against Toronto, negating an interception in a game eventually won 43-35 in overtime by the Argos.

Following Saturday’s game, the Ticats sent a correspondence to the league asking for a review of the command centre decision on the third-quarter play, a review of the replay official and asking what steps the league plans to take to ensure such a call is not made again.
A Ticat source said the Hamilton staff was “dumbfounded? at the decision.

Facing second-and-10 from its own 35-yard-line, Toronto quarterback Ricky Ray attempted to throw the ball deep down the field to receiver S.J. Green but landed it in the arms of Hamilton defensive back Courtney Stephen.

Toronto head coach Marc Trestman challenged that there was pass interference against Washingtonwho appeared to bebrushagainst Greenearly in his route. “No shot,? said TSN analyst Glen Suitor on the broadcast Saturday night. “If that is pass interference, we’re not playing tackle football anymore. That’s not pass interference so I’m not sure what’s taking so long.?

Almost three-and-a-half minutes after the challenge was announced, the on-field official declared pass interference and awarded Toronto a first down.

AKA: The CFL apologizes to Hamilton again for not calling games correctly or fairly AGAIN. I think this is number 5, at least.

At what point does Hamilton get gifted a Grey Cup as compensation? More importantly, at which point do officials start getting canned or sent back down to the CIS for this? When do we reverse the awful illegal contact rules that got put in place a few years back, that has pretty much facilitated the removal of multiple review?

Seriously, am I off base here? Can anyone show me a time in pro sports where one team consistently, year after year has had it's league apologize to the team for officiating screw ups this many times?

Not from me you don't. Don't watch NFL so I don't claim their officiating is any better.

Total incompetence, no excuses.
Glen Johnson should be fired as the head of officials, way not just many mistakes, but glaring mistakes.
As an Argo fan, there is no question how the Cats got ripped off on several calls and each on its own likely changes the outcome.

I will totally admit I can't disagree at all with what Suitor says about that play. The new commish will have to address this in the offseason, no question.

“If that is pass interference, we’re not playing tackle football anymore. That’s not pass interference so I’m not sure what’s taking so long.?


Disagree. It needs to be addressed NOW!!! Do you want a playoff game or Grey Cup to swing on a call like that?

The Cats got screwed on that call. I agree with Suitor and that's tough to admit for an Argo fan.

I think 1 per half, use it or lose it per half, would be better.

I love when Suits and Ford colour comment the game, they call it as it is and if someone screws up they call it out. When Dunigan does the game I jump between plays as I cannot stand to listen to his horrible commentary. They should have Suits run the play reviews from the booth!

HEY! How come this Canadian board is flagging coloUr wrong, the U is British, only the yanks spell it color

[b]dcmoses wrote:[/b] Disagree. It needs to be addressed NOW!!! Do you want a playoff game or Grey Cup to swing on a call like that?
Sure but I think there would need to be some lengthy discussions with the head of officiating and the officials on any changes and that could take a bit of time. :-\