Can you believe how bad the Command Centre decisions are?

And it is getting worse, if that is possible! Who is making these crazy pass interference calls? This last one could cost Hamilton the game.

Just when you think you have seen the worst call possible, they surprise you.

No only was the call was the application of the penalty

They REALLY need to revisit what is and what is NOT pass interference

But what I don't understand is

Thealleged PIin question happened 40 yards down field but they only awarded 15 yards

The ball was not thrown when they were 15 yards down it should have contact....but contact is a 10 yard penalty

I have no idea what the clowns were doing

Yeah, none of that ruling made any sense.

Shouldn't have even been illegal contact, not that that seems to matter this year.

Prior to a pass being thrown incidental contact by both Team A and Team B players may occur anywhere on the field; this includes hand-fighting. Such contact is not a foul unless it materially affects the opponent creating a distinct advantage.
Both players were hand-fighting, but neither one caused any change in route running.

Are they actually saying that these players ran 28 yards while the ball was in the air, with the "pass interference" happening at Toronto's 50 and Stephen catching the ball at Hamilton's 32?

I have seen many, but this game was the worst officiated game of the year, both on the field and from command centre.
I am a Argo fan big time, but there is no question how the cats got jobbed by the officials and likely cost them the game.

Why? On field guys get the call right most of the time (tonight the exception) it's video review that is wrong game in game out and even play to play.

To answer the OPs question, yes I can believe it. I have been saying it for a couple of seasons and no one what's to believe that they're as bad as they are. They aren't getting better they're getting worse and the longer they wait to eliminate the entire video review system the closer we get to a call like the phantom PI against the Cats in the third(?) being the deciding play in a Grey Cup.

VIDEO REVIEW IS KILLING THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree it should not have been contact....but its the closest explanation I ca think of

And I would not even call it hand fighting!

I disagree.....they are terrible on and off the field
I have seen missed PI and phantom PI from everyone!

At least the refs on the field have an excuse, seeing it at full speed, but the command centre has the benefit of slow motion and seeing it over and over. The command centre is ridiculous.

Abolish video review, let the refs call it on the field.

That would be ok expect the on field crew is just as if not more incompetent

Funny how I was getting run off these forums tarred as a whiner last year when I was complaining about how bad the reffing especially command centre was getting. Anybody think we're still good as we are?

Brutal call - plus the delays are killing the game. I was at the game last night and the length of that review was friggin RIDICULOUS! Totally kills the flow of the game - especially for fans spending their money and attending the games.

Was the Command Centre person in the washroom for three or four minutes when they first called him?

haha..I was prepared for all the excuses myself. I guess when it gets THIS bad, they have no argument.

It’s not just the Command Centre!

I hate to defend the refs....but he is not offside

Watch for when the ball is actually snapped

But I agree Hamilton got robbed last night....just not on that play

Click the pic down below


The play that had me scratching my head was the fumble that was reversed because the player was apparently surrounded. Two players were close the the runner. Does that constitute surrounded. Messam and Harris get surrounded and until the pile stops moving there is no whistle. Further, if he was in a position where forward progress was impossible why did the ref not blow the whistle. The play is live until the whistle blows so I thought.

One good thing about allowing only one challenge per team is there's less opportunity for the command centre to look foolish... :wink: