Can we win a Grey Cup in this decade?

A Tiger Cat team has one at least one Grey Cup in every decade dating back to at least the 50's.

Can we do it - we have 3 seasons left.

We waited until 1999 the last time.

Your thoughts?



with some hard work and Good Management by the Football Operations and on wins on Field…

It could happen… :thup:

Yes, but only if the definition of decade means 20 years rather than 10. :wink:

Just kidding, of course, anything can happen in sports for pete's sakes.

It can be done...if a solid QB is developed starting this year.

Apparently football is a one man sport.

Good point. He should have said "a solid QB and a solid third string WR". :wink:

The QB is one of two guys that handles the ball on every offensive possesion, so his performance is a LITTLE bit more important than that of a few other guys on the roster.

Defense and special teams win championships.

Both the Tiger-Cats and the Habs gotta win this decade to keep their streaks alive.

" If the Tiger Cats don't win the Grey Cup by 2009 game day drinks in 2010 are on me" - Bob Young - Mad Magazine Jan/07

I know this is a FAR FAR cry! but it would be SOO wicked if we sumhow pulled it out and got to it this year ! id TOTTALY take the trip down the QEW!

I'd also love the Cats to win the Cup in Toronto in 07. It could happen. I don't think Montreal will do well under Popp at all, the Argos will go south because they have no QB, and Winnipeg is never a contender.

and the ticats have a better QB?!?!?!

and last i checked, Winnipeg was more of a contender than Hamilton was.

Teams led by poor or injured QBs seldom get to play in, much less win, championships.

Maas is far from a poor QB, but injured…? And the other guys…? Several as-yet-unproven things need to come together for it to happen, but of course we can win one within the next three years.

Obviously, but the point was defense and special teams have to be good and timely to win chamionships.

With both your chances of winning are far more likely than the opposite.Many a playoff game and GCs have been won with so-so QBs or QBS that played so-so in the game.(see Dickenson 06) The same cant be said for Ds and STs.

A QB can play a tremendous game and still be betrayed by bad defense/missed FGS. (see Ham at MTL 06)
To win this year Maas doesnt have to be spectacular. If he gets blocking and a running game with solid, timely D/ST he just has to be steady....get to the playoffs and....

We can most definitely win a grey cup in the next three seasons.
The team is now on course to make it happen!

having said that, i do agree, the Tabbies can win a Grey Cup within 3 years.

steady improvement over the next couple years paves the way to become a contender before decades end.

4 wins in '06
6 wins in '07
9 wins in '08
12 wins in'09

seems realistic to me.

Ticat fans need to learn when Bob is talking serious and when he's fooling. :lol:

When all the QB's fail to produce this
year, Bob will offer bench sitting
Printers an offer he can't refuse to
come to hamilton and that will be the
start of our winning seasons.