Can we win a game before Labour Day?

Looking at the schedule it doesn't get any easier with the way we are playing what will our record be going into Labour Day? I can't even believe we will have a winning record hence the options!

You could win a couple…you’ve got Montreal twice and Edmonton once.

that is an interesting poll and maybe realistic

the question is can we?

Do you mean Labour Day this year?

3-5 wins is a possibility....

Zero to 2 wins is probably a greater possibility, but lets hang in there while this team, you know, . . . rebuilds . . . gels, etc.

All the games look tough considering how bad we've played this year. Everyone looks at their schedule and pencils in a win against Hamilton. Fans from Calgary and Toronto are saying "sure we won, but it was only Hamilton." And you know what, it's hard to argue with them right now.

Rather than vote for the pessimistic 1-7 (14.2% win rate), I prefer to project the optimistic. Cats will win 20 of 72 quarters (27% win rate) (not inclu OT, lol! as if) they will play this year.


I wanted to vote for 6 - 2 but it wasn't there so I selected 0 and 8.

Has your vote been cast? Only 98 hours left to vote!